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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.1.1 – November 19, 2016

System Enhancements

  • CON-1022 – Prompt Added to Assist Approver in Accepting/Rejecting Updates in Resubmitted Supplier Registration.  When an approver receives an email message stating that a supplier registration needs to be reviewed, the presence of a View Changes button in the registration form indicates that this is a resubmitted form and that a Company Profile has already been created for this approved supplier. Selecting the View Changes button displays the field values that have been updated by the supplier, and each field contains a selected check box, indicating the field will automatically be updated once the registration is accepted. However, if the approver deselects a check box for a field, a prompt now displays, advising the approver that the new information will not replace the information currently in the Company Profile.  The prompt also informs the approver that leaving a check box selected for a field will update the information in that field in the Company Profile.
  • CON-3980 – Workflow Parallel Approval Step Generates Email Once Step is Complete.  When a workflow parallel approval step is approved by one of the people assigned to complete the step, a system email is sent to the other assignees, advising them that the step had already been completed. Previously, if two or more people were authorized to complete a workflow step and the step was completed by one of them, the others were not aware that the step had been completed. 
  • CON-4244 – Report Filtering Option Allows Quick and Easy Updates. Users can now quickly update the filter for any report created using the Report Wizard by selecting the report, and then clicking the new Edit Report Filters button in the Action Bar of the Report Browse screen. The button launches the Wizard and immediately takes the user to the Filter step where updates can be made without having to click through the seven steps that precede the Filter step. 
  • CON-5748 – Single Captured Dynamic Form Auto-Displays. When a user displays the Additional (Dynamic) Forms browse screen in a Contract Profile and there is only a single-capture dynamic form available, capturing that dynamic form ensures the completed form displays every time the Contract Profile is opened and the Additional Forms browse screen is displayed.  A single-capture dynamic form is a restricted form that is configured by Administrators and allows the information in the form to be captured only once.  Administrators configure a single-capture dynamic form by selecting the 'This is a single use form' check box in the Restrictions screen of a Dynamic Contract Form template.
  • CON-6758 – Manager Can Be Assigned to a Program User.  When an Administrator adds a user to Contracts by setting up their User Profile, the Administrator can now assign any individual in the Address Book to be the Manager for the new user.  An existing user can also be assigned to a Manager by clicking in the new Manager field in their User Profile, and using the Address Book to assign the appropriate individual.
  • CON-6853 – Declined Workflow Step Using Parallel Routing Generates Email to Remaining Approvers.  When a workflow step using parallel routing is declined by one of the approvers, which automatically stops the workflow, an email is now sent to the remaining approvers, advising them that the step was declined by another approver.   Previously, the remaining approvers were unaware that the workflow had been stopped because another approver had declined approval of a step.
  • CON-6879 – Coterminous Option Added for Incorporated Contract Term Type. When users add an incorporated (child) contract for a root (parent) contract, they can now select Coterminous in the Term Type field, which will automatically populate all the information in the Term & Renewal section of the incorporated contract with the data captured for the root contract, including contract status.
  • CON-6927 – Contract Description is Searchable Field in My Requests Screen. From the My Requests browse screen, users can now search for a contract request by the description provided by the requestor when he/she made the request.
  • CON-7117 – Ability to Complete a Generic Flow Step from the Notification Email. Users can now complete a flow step from the email message that is sent, notifying them that the step is awaiting completion. The email contains a green Complete button, along with a link to the Contract or Company Profile.
  • CON-7946 and CON-8067 – User Interface Update for a Basic Search.  When conducting a basic search by entering a word, name, phrase, or string of characters into the Search field in the Navigation Pane, the results that display now mirror Internet search results, including a linked header and summary information from the Company, Contract, and Document Profiles.  Boolean operators can also be used to expand or limit search results using the following symbols: + (AND), | (OR), - (NOT).  Search terms can be enclosed in parentheses to indicate that the function inside the parentheses should be performed first, and quotes are used to ensure the entire phrase/string is returned, instead of all instances of the individual words. However, this new version of a basic search is optional so users may still see the classic version of the basic search.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8075 – Additional Administrator Removed from eSignature Package Wizard Appears as Administrator in eSignature Package.  When running the eSignature Package Wizard, if an Additional Administrator is added and then immediately removed, their Administrator status is no longer retained after the wizard is completed and the eSignature Package is created.
  • CON-8134 – Reports with Timestamp Field Not Displaying Correct Time.  Users can now run a report with a timestamp field and have the time correctly display in accordance with the time zone they selected in their User Preferences. Previously all report fields that contained a timestamp field displayed Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
  • CON-8174 – Profile Rule Can Be Written for Actions on Fields Not Visible to Users.  A Profile Rule can no longer be written to perform an action on a field that is not visible to the user, such as a backend system field that stores a timestamp, recording the creation date for a Company or Contract Profile.
  • CON-8178 – Contract Group Permissions for User Role Not Correctly Populating Related Permissions.  The new eSignature Wizard permission now correctly populates related check boxes when the Run eSignature Wizard check box is selected in the Role Profile screen, and does not interfere with the auto-population of other check boxes when the Viewable, Create, Modify, Documents, Document Upload, and Full check boxes are selected.
  • CON-8188 – Contract Request Approval Process Generates System Error for User with Limited Requestor Role.  When an Administrator creates a Requestor role, but assigns no Company or Contract Group permissions to the role, any user assigned to that role no longer receives a system error message when they click on the Approve button when approving a contract request from their My Approvals screen.
  • CON-8195 – Profile Rule Does Not Hide Dynamic Form Field in Enhanced Contract Request Type Template.  Administrators can now write a Profile Rule that will hide a field in a dynamic form that has been added to a Contract Request Type template.
  • Con-8211 – Unable to Access Document for Signature in Portal. External users who use the Portal to electronically sign a document can once again access the document and provide their eSignature.  For a brief period, a loading mask prevented the signatory from signing the document. This error only occurred when the embedded version of DocuSign was used in Contracts.