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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.1.4 – December 31, 2016


  • CON-8369 – Contract Flow with Update Step Defers Saving Contract Profile until Flow Processing is Complete.  When a flow containing one or more update steps is run on a Contract Profile, the updated profile is not saved until all the stages and steps in the flow have been completed.  This enhancement prevents the update step from causing an infinite loop where the update is continually being run on the Contract Profile. 

  • CON-SC-211 – Options for Providing Documents for Contract Requests Submitted from Salesforce.  Administrators can now manage the transfer of documents for a contract request from Salesforce.  Every template that Administrators create for Salesforce users to make contract requests now contains a field list that determines when additional documents can be sent from Salesforce: (1) documents can only be sent with the original contract request (2) documents can be sent until the contract request is accepted and the Contract Profile is set to an Active status, or (3) documents can be sent at any time.  

  • SC-217 – Contract Status Updated via Flow is Replicated in Salesforce.  When there is an association between a contract and a contract in Salesforce, and the status of the contract is updated through a contract flow, the contract in Salesforce now reflects the updated status.

  • SC-227 – Code for Salesforce Mapping Edits Updated to Accommodate IE Support Issue.  The code that allowed updates to be made to the mappings in the Salesforce Integration screen has been rewritten to accommodate a support issue in the Internet Explorer browser.  Previously, when an Administrator accessed the Salesforce Integration screen vatus using the IE browser, and then clicked on the  icon, which allowed them to edit the mapping for a Salesforce contract type, a load error occurred.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7853 – Profile Rule to Hide Field Ineffective After New Company, Contract, and Project Profiles are Saved.  Administrators can now create a Profile Rule to hide a field in a new Company, Contract, or Project Profile screen without the field displaying after the profile is saved.  Previously, the field did not display in the screen used to capture information for the new profile, but appeared as an unpopulated field once the profile was saved.
  • CON-8151 – Email Notification for Event Alert Does Not Provide Notification List.  Users who receive email messages for an upcoming event once again see the email addresses of those who are notified about the event.  For a brief period, the Notification To field in the email message displayed the word Null.
  • CON-8278 – Contract Profile with Completed Flow Displays New Flow in Collapsed State. Users can once again initiate a new flow in a Contract Profile that contains a completed flow (i.e., the stages are all collapsed) without the first stage of the new flow being collapsed, and therefore, not showing the steps that need to be completed for the initial stage. 
  • CON-8302 – Portal Interface Reflects Old Company Logo and Address. The Portal, which is used for Document Packages, Supplier Registrations, and signing documents using electronic signatures, has been updated with the new Conga logo, as well as the company’s new address in Orlando.
  • CON-8308 – Cannot Sort Columns in My Approvals Screen.  Users can once again sort the names in the Created By and Processed By columns in their My Approvals screen.
  • CON-8341 – Company Names in Legal Entity List in Contract Profile Not Alphabetized.  The list of company names that display in the Legal Entity list in a Contract Profile is once again in alphabetical order.
  • CON-8347 – Edited Project Profile Displays Error When Saved.  Users can once again create a Project Profile, save the profile, edit the profile, and then save the edited profile without receiving a Null Pointer Exception error.
  • CON-8349 – Query for Company Relationship Notes Displays Duplicate Columns in Search Results.  When a user creates a search using Company à Relationship as the Result Type, and then sets the criteria to Company à Relationship à Relation Notes is Not Empty, the Results screen no longer displays duplicate columns of search result records.
  • CON-8351 – Adding a Company Relationship Generates Error.  Administrators can once again add a company relationship via the Relationships list in the List Administration screen without receiving an error message.
  • CON-8358 – Incorrect Date Fields Applied to Incorporated Contract with Coterminous Term Type.  When an Incorporated (child) contract is created for a Root (parent) contract, and Coterminous is selected as the Term Type in the Contract Profile screen, the term-related date fields in the Incorporated Contract Profile (Effective Date, Current Expiration Date, Original Expiration Date, and Notice Date) are once again correctly populated with the corresponding dates from the Root Contract Profile. 
  • CON-8368 – Changing Company Name for a Contract Request Not Reflected in My Requests or My Approvals Screens. When a user begins the approval process for a contract request and changes the company name for the request, the name change is now reflected in the My Requests screen for the requestor and the My Approvals screen for the approver.  Previously, the name change was only reflected in the Company Profile.
  • CON-8383 – Search for User by Phone Number Yields No Results.  After an Administrator adds a user and adds any phone number (work, cell, home, or fax) to their User Profile, the Administrator can once again search for the user from the Users browse screen by filtering the search by any of the user’s phone numbers.  For a brief period, a user search by phone number returned no results unless a matching number was entered into the Country Code field in the Phone Number Entry window.
  • CON-8390 – New Basic Search Results Link Only to Document Profile.  When running a basic search using the new interface, search results once again link to the correct Company, Contract, or Document Profile.  For a brief period, all search result links took the user to the Document Profile.
  • SC-224 – Reference Field Mapping Broken in Salesforce.  When the code was updated to return the API names for dynamic forms and products instead of the Salesforce labels, the mapping of the Owner, LastModifiedBy and CreatedBy fields in Salesforce would only map to one field, despite the fact that these fields required mapping to two fields (i.e., first name and last name).  The code has been rewritten to correct the broken mapping.