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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.1.5 - January 14, 2017

New Features

  • CON-6574 and CON-7133 – Clause Identification and Management (CIM).  CIM automatically runs when a user uploads a document to a Contract Profile and its document type matches a document type that an Administrator has designated for clause analysis. When CIM initiates clause processing, each clause in the uploaded document is analyzed and compared to the standard language for that clause, as defined by the Model.  The Model is based on the clauses stored in your company’s Clause Library and the clause language defined on the website.  Administrators can train the Model to "learn" the language in their company’s contracts by adding and managing clauses in the Clause Library.  Users with the appropriate permissions can train the Model to learn alternative contract language using the Document Clause Processing option, which is available from the Document Profile screen.


  • CON-8357 – Improved Interface for Basic Search Results.  The interface that displays results when users run a basic search has been updated to enhance readability and usability. Search results can now be filtered by profile (company, contract, or document), as well as the timeframe in which the data in the profile or document was modified.  A basic search is run by entering a name, keyword, or text string in the Search field in the Navigation Toolbar, and clicking the Icon Magnifyer.png  icon.
  • CON-8413 – Clause Name Added to Clauses Screen and Search & Report. A Clause Name field has been added to the Clauses browse screen in the Contract Profile.   Additionally, users can now search for clauses by their Clause Name when running a search query, and include the Clause Name field in a report run using the Report Wizard.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7945 – Missing Workflow Fields for Search & Report.  Four new workflow fields have been added to the Result Type list in the Search Query screen: Created On, Created By, Last Updated On, and Last Updated By.  These additional workflow fields are also now available when creating Basic, Advanced, and Analytics Reports.
  • CON-8325 – Email for Workflow Step Approval Does Not Correctly Identify Person Who Approved Step.  The emails that are sent, notifying the members of a workflow team that a workflow step has been approved (or declined), once again correctly identify the person who completed the step.  For a brief period, all Workflow Step email messages identified the step owner as the person who completed the step, even if another team member completed the step.
  • CON-8336 – Filtering by Additional Form Text Field in Report Wizard Yields No Results.  Results are once again returned when users run the Report Wizard, select Contract as the Primary entity and an Additional Form as the Secondary entity, add any fields to the report, and then set the report filter to a text field in the Additional Form, while making the text field equal to the value specified in the Additional Form.
  • CON-8372 – Event Templates List Not Alphabetized.  The list of templates that displays in the Event Templates list when a user creates a new event by clicking on the New Event button in the Events screen in a Contract Profile is once again displayed in alphabetical order.  
  • CON-8374 – Creation Template with Clauses Mapped to Clause Library Displays Clauses in Incorrect Font Size in Final Document.  When a user runs the Creation Wizard and selects a template that has a clause mapped to the Clause Library, the final document created by the wizard no longer displays the clause pulled from the Library in a font size that differs from the size of the text in the remainder of the document.  
  • CON-8377 – Approvers Cannot Scroll the Supplier Registration Screen.  Users who approve supplier registrations can now use the new scroll bar to view all the fields before approving (or declining) a supplier registration form.  Previously, approvers had to collapse the Company Information and Supplier Address sections of the Registration screen so that they could view the fields at the bottom of the screen.
  • CON-8422 – Filtering by Flow Activity Duration in Report Wizard Generates Error.  Users no longer receive an error message when they run the Report Wizard, select Contract as the Primary entity and Contract Flow Approval as the Secondary entity, add the Company Name, Contract Number, and Flow Activity Duration fields to the report, and then set the report filter to Flow Activity Duration where the condition is Not Empty.
  • CON-8426 – Clause Processing Halted When Clause Name or Description Contains Apostrophe.  When the CLAUSE IDENTIFICATION & MANAGEMENT (CIM) feature is run, clause processing is no longer halted when an uploaded contract document contains a clause that includes an apostrophe in the clause name or its description. Clause processing occurs automatically when a document is uploaded to a Contract Profile and its document type matches one of the types designated for analysis using CIM. Users process the clauses in an uploaded document by selecting the Process Document Clauses button in the Document Profile screen.
  • CON-8440 – Required Icon Displays for Project Team.  The   icon no longer displays in the Project Team field when the Project Group field is populated.  Since these fields are mutually exclusive, populating the Project Group field should never make the Project Team field required.
  • CON-8445 – Document Search Yields No Results.  Users can once again perform a document search for newly uploaded documents, as well as existing documents in Company, Contract, and Project Profiles and get accurate results.  For a brief period, no search results were displayed when performing a document search.
  • CON-8451 – Unable to Run Report Wizard. Users can once again run the Report Wizard by clicking on the New Report Types button and selecting the Regular Report option in the Report Browse screen.  The New Report Types button displays only if the ANALYTICS REPORT feature is active.
  • CON-8483 – SalesConnect Configuration Completed Screen Displays Old Logo and Address.  The screen that displays when Contracts has successfully been integrated with Salesforce has been updated with the new company logo and address.  The integration is accomplished from the Integrations view of the Settings screen in Contracts.
  • SC-201 – Contract Request Deleted in Cannot be Deleted in Salesforce.  When a Salesforce user submits a contract request for approval, and the approver deletes the request, the Salesforce user can now successfully delete the request in Salesforce.  Previously, Salesforce users received a Validation Error when trying to delete a contract request if the request had already been deleted.