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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.1.6 – January 28, 2017


  • CON-8431 – Additional Information Available for Clauses Processed Using Clause Identification and Management (CIM).  The Clauses browse screen in the Contract Profile now includes four additional fields: Created On, Created By, Last Updated By, and Last Updated On.  Additionally, users can now run a search on individual clauses that have been processed using the CIM feature in order to identify who added the clause and on what date, as well as who updated the clause last, and on what date.

  • CON-8460 – Translation Files Updated for Release 7.1.  Approximately 65 additional words and text strings have been translated for use with the new features and enhancements available in Release 7.1. These additional words and text strings have been translated into all six languages available in Contracts: French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Simplified Chinese.

  • SC-245 – Document Versioning in Salesforce Content Documents.  When users update a Content Document in Salesforce, a document revision is created instead of a new document. A Content Document is one that is stored in the Files home directory in Salesforce, where it can be shared and managed by all users.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8410 – Document Type List Loses Functionality When Moved in Browse Screen.  In the Documents browse screen in a Contract Profile, users can now move the Document Type column to a different location in the screen without the field losing its functionality as a list with item selections.

  • CON-8435 – Field Added to Request Type Template Defaults to Required.  When an Administrator creates a Request Type template and adds the Contract Currency field to the template, the field is no longer automatically designated as a required field.

  • CON-8442 – Active Workflow Items Portlet Displays All Flow Steps.  When a user clicks on the Flow Steps tab of the Active Workflow Items Portlet, only the flow steps that the user can complete now display. Previously, all the steps in the flow displayed, and when the user clicked on a flow step they did not have permission to complete, an Invalid Permission error displayed.

  • CON-8449 – ‘Read Only’ Users with WEB-DAV Permission Cannot Use Direct Editing.  Users with Read Only access to the data stored in Contracts can now directly edit a document in MS Word from a Contract Profile if they have been granted the WEB-DAV (Direct Editing) permission.

  • CON-8453 – Documents Stored in Archived Profiles Returned in Search Results.  When users run a basic search using the new Elastic Search interface, document results are no longer returned for those documents attached to archived Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.

  • CON-8471 – Incorrect URL Displays for Some Linked Screens in Company and Contract Profiles.  When a user clicks on the Clauses, Events, Payments, and Addresses links in a Contract Profile, the URL for the selected link once again displays correctly.  Similarly, when a user clicks on the Location, Events and Messaging links in a Company Profile, the URL for the selected link once again displays correctly

  • CON-8472 – Global Report Designation for Standard Reports Not Working as Intended.  Users can once again use the  icon to toggle the designation of a report as a Global Report in any of the company or contract Report Groups in the Report Browse screen, and then remove the Global Report designation without any issues.

  • CON-8474 – Concurrent Profile Edit Lock Allows Concurrent Workflow and Flow Edits.  The system setting that prevents users from concurrently editing the same profile now locks the profile if a user attempts to edit it when another user is editing the profile’s Workflow or Flow steps.  Previously, concurrent edits were being allowed in a workflow with a step that updated the status of a Contract Profile, as well as a flow with an update step that made a change to the fields in a Contract Profile.

  • CON-8482 – Additional Party to a Contract Does Not Display Contract in Additional Party’s Contract Family Screen.When a second company is added as an additional party to a contract, that contract once again displays in the second company’s Contract Family screen in the Company Profile.

  • CON-8548 – Imposing Single Use Restriction After Dynamic Forms Have Been Added Causes New Additional Form Screen to Continually Redisplay in Profile. Administrators can no longer set the 'single use' restriction on an Additional (Dynamic) Form if a user has already added that form to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile. The Single Use Form check box is now automatically deactivated for any Additional (Dynamic) Form that has already been captured by a user and added to a profile.

  • CON-8557 and CON-8526 – Company Additional Forms Designated as Single Use Forms Allow Multiple Captures When Linked to Request Type Template.  When Administrators create a Request Type template with one or more forms, they no longer have the option of linking a Company Additional Form that has been designated as single use form to the template since this allows users who make a contract request using the template to add the Additional Form to the request an infinite number of times.  By definition, a 'single use form' is an Additional (Dynamic) Form that can be completed only once.