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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.1.7 – February 11, 2017


  • CON-7592 – Saved Screen State for Active Workflow Items Portlet. When a user selects a view (tab) other than the default My Steps view in the Active Workflow Items portlet in their Dashboard, and then navigates away from the Dashboard, the view selected by the user redisplays when the user returns to the Dashboard.  Previously, navigating away from the Dashboard replaced the user-selected view with the default view.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8470 – One-Click Report Incorrectly Formats Currency Field in Dynamic Forms.Users can once again add a dynamic form containing a currency field to a Contract or Company Profile, populate the field with a value that is > 99,999.00, and then run the One-Click Report without the report incorrectly formatting the dollar value in the currency field.

  • CON-8478 – Profile Rules for Contract Expiration Date, Project Name, and Project Description Fields Generate Rule Errors.  Administrators can once again write a Profile Rule for the Contract Expiration Date field in the Contract Profile screen, and a Rule for the Project Name and/or Project Description fields in the Project Profile screen without a rule error being generated when a user opens an existing Contract Profile or Project Profile.

  • CON-8501 – SQL Error When Accessing My Flow Steps View of Active Workflow Items Portlet. Users no longer receive an SQL Grammar Exception error when selecting the My Flow Steps tab in their Active Workflow Items portlet. The error, which occurred only when a user was granted a role with no Company Group, Contract Group, or Project Group permissions, has been resolved.

  • CON-8524 – Navigating Through Report Wizard With No Filters Generates Error.  When users create a report using the Report Wizard and do not select any filters for the report, navigating back through previous steps in the Wizard no longer generates error messages.

  • CON-8531 – Using a Translated Language Restricts Access to User Data.  Clients who use a language other than English in Contracts can once again access the Users Browse and Profile screens.  For a brief period, clicking on the Users link in the Admin menu in the Navigation Toolbar generated a system error.  

  • CON-8547 – Cannot Create New Scorecard When Scorecard of Same Name is Archived.  If an Administrator creates a scorecard an assigns it a type of Company, Contract, or Project, and later archives the scorecard, the Administrator can once again create another scorecard with the same name and type.  For example, after archiving a company scorecard, only Contract and Project were displaying in the Scorecard Type list in the Scorecard Administration screen when an Administrator tried to create a new company scorecard with the same name as an archived company scorecard.

  • CON-8588 – Workflow Reminder Emails Not Being Generated.  When a workflow step is not completed in a timely manner, the reminder email that is sent to the step owner is once again generated in accordance with the number of days defined by the System Administrator in the Begin Workflow Reminder Days field in the System Settings screen.

  • CON-8592 – UTC Time Not Adjusted for Local Time when Document Submitted for eSignature.  When a user submits a document for electronic signature using the eSignature Package Wizard, the Duration field in the Submitted view of Document Packages browse screen in the Contract Profile now correctly calculates the amount of time between submission of the document and the current time.  Previously, the system was performing the calculation using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) instead of the user’s local time

  • SC-251 – Revisions to Documents Attached to Salesforce Contract Requests Not Being Submitted.  When a Salesforce user submits a contract request that contains a document attachment, and then updates the document in Salesforce, the revised document is now submitted and appears as a new version of the document.  Previously, updates to documents attached to contract requests were only being sent and saved as new versions of the document after the contract request was approved.  This issue is specific to contract requests using templates where the Copy option is set to Always.