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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.1.9 – March 11, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8561 – Document Type Editable by Users with View Only Permission.  Users who have the View Only permission for documents can no longer change a document’s type from the Documents browse screen using the new Document Type drop-down list.

  • CON-8686 – Adding or Editing a Responsibility in a Contract Profile with a Flow Step Tied to the Responsibility Generates Email to Original Step Owner.  A contract flow step that is assigned to a particular "responsibility" in the Contract Profile once again generates an email to the correct person when the Profile is edited and the responsibility is assigned to another individual, or when an additional responsibility is added to the Profile.  For a brief period, the email message was sent to the original step owner when the contract responsibility was reassigned, or when a new responsibility was added to the Contract Profile.

  • CON-8717 – My Flow Steps View of Active Workflow Items Portlet Does Not Correctly Display Multiple Screens of Data.  Users can now view all of the flow steps they can complete from the My Flow Steps view of their Active Workflow Items portlet, including the correct duration, which shows how long the step has been pending.  Previously, if a user had more than 50 flow steps, the steps did not display as the user paged through the portlet.

  • CON-8719 – Additional Filter in Report Wizard Replicates Previous Filter Selections for Same Field List. When a user runs the Report Wizard, adds a filter using a field list, and then adds a second filter using the same field list, the selections in the second field list are no longer automatically selected.  Previously, when the second filter was added, items were automatically selected and these items replicated the selections the user chose for the first field list.