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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.2.3 – April 15, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-8657 – Rollback for Bulk Data Loading Tool.  Users can now reverse the bulk data upload process by selecting the roll back Icon BulkDataReverse.png  icon in the Data Loader Imported Records screen, which displays immediately after a bulk upload has been completed.
  • CON-8948 – Conga Legal & Privacy Link Added to Login Screen. A Legal & Privacy link has been added to the Contracts login screen, which takes users to the Conga page.  The information on the page includes Section 508 Compliance and the Conga Privacy Policy, effective April 6, 2017.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8835 – Elastic Search Returns Results on Uploaded Bulk Data After Roll Back.  When an Administrator performs a bulk data upload, and then reverses the process by rolling back the data upload, running a basic (elastic) search no longer includes results for the rolled back data.
  • CON-8848 – User Profile Not Accessible if Assigned Manager is Deleted External Person.  Previously, Administrators received an error message when trying to access a User Profile if the Manager field in the profile was assigned to an external person who had been deleted from the Address Book.  Currently, an external person who is assigned as a user’s manager cannot be deleted from the Address Book.
  • CON-8862 - Cannot Set Profile Rule for Legal Entity in Request Type Template.  Administrators can once again create a Profile Rule for a Contract Request Type template that requires the Legal Entity field in a Contract Profile to be enabled/disabled, hidden and required.  For a brief period, the only actions available for the Legal Entity field were Default and Force value.
  • CON-8864 – Search Results Not Returned for Responsible Parties in Contract Request.  Users can now run a Search Query to identify the individuals assigned to a Responsibility field in a contract request that has been submitted for approval.
  • CON-8883 – Reply All Option in Messaging Window Cannot Be Canceled.  When a user responds to an email from the Messaging window in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile by clicking the Reply All button, but then cancels this option by clicking the Reply button, their response to the email message is no longer sent to all recipients. Previously, clicking the Reply button after clicking the Reply All button cleared the CC field in the email, but the message was still sent to all recipients.
  • CON-8906 – Refreshing Document Packages Screen Causes Time Stamp to Display Incorrectly.  After a user runs the eSignature Package Wizard and is monitoring the signing process, the Duration field, which indicates the time it took for a Signer to provide their eSignature, is no longer incorrect after the Signer completes the process and the screen is refreshed.
  • CON-8907 – Cannot Generate Analytics Report.  Users can once again create an Analytics Report without receiving a system error.  For a brief period, selecting any entity and clicking the Run button in the Analytics prompt generated an error.