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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.2.6 – May 27, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9009 - Updating the Security Level for a Clause Causes Incorrect Date Display in History Screen.  Users can create a clause without populating the Clause Security field, and then edit the clause by populating the Clause Security field, without the Current date field in the History screen displaying the incorrect date. For a brief period, the Current date field was displaying the date the selected security level was added, instead of the date the user populated the Clause Security field.
  • CON-9017 - Elastic Search for Keyword with Apostrophe Returns No Document Results. In performing an elastic search, the type of apostrophe entered into the Search field must match the type of apostrophe used in the uploaded document, or no document search results will be returned. As a workaround, change the MS Word default for quotes by clicking File Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Options Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Proofing, click the AutoCorrect Options button, click the AutoFormat tab, and clear the "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" check box.
  • CON-9046 - Load Time Issue for Dynamic Forms. Administrators can once again display the Dynamic Form Admin Browse screen without any issues by displaying the Admin menu and selecting the Dynamic Forms link. Previously, some Administrators were experiencing a load time of up to 5 minutes, while others were not able to display the screen.
  • CON-9053 - Report Generates Error When a Currency Additional Field is Selected as a Filter. Users can now run the Report Wizard, select a currency additional field as the report filter, and then preview the report without receiving a runtime error. 
  • CON-9057 - System Update Step in Flow Cannot be Configured for Date Field Set to Current Date or Previous Date.  Administrators can now add an Update step to a flow, and configure the step by assigning any date field a zero or negative value (to indicate the current date or a previous date). Previously, no calculation displayed when a zero or negative number was entered into the Value field in the Step Configuration window.
  • CON-9060 - Report Wizard Displays Unavailable Fields as Filters. When users run the Report Wizard, they are no longer able to select a field as a report filter if the field is not qualified to be a filter. For example, in setting up a Contract  Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Workflow report, the Workflow Step Activity Elapsed Time field, which is a calculated field, is no longer available as a filter.
  • CON-9063 - Screen State Not Saved in Clause Library. Users can once again change the way clauses are grouped in the Clause Library, navigate away from the screen, and then return to the screen without losing the changes they made to the screen state.
  • CON-9085 - Load Time Issue for Global Documents. Users can once again display the Global Documents screen without any issues by displaying the My Place menu and selecting the Global Documents link. Previously, some users were experiencing a load time of up to 30 seconds, while others were not able to display the screen.
  • CON-9107 - Advanced Report Generates Results Inconsistent with Associated Search Query. When users create an Advanced Report, and then associate the report with a saved Search Query, the data in the report once again matches the results returned by the query. For a brief period, the report generated more data records than search result records when the saved Search Query contained a criteria set that drilled down to the field level in a program feature, such as workflows.
  • CON-9121- Refreshing an eSignature Package Generates Additional Email Messages to Signatories. Users can once again run the eSignature Package Wizard, submit a document for electronic signature, and then click the Refresh button in the Document Package Profile screen without sending another email message to the signatories.
  • SC-286 - Link to Document in Approved Contract Request Generates System Error. Salesforce users can once again click the View button in the Documents section of a Contract Request record without receiving a network error message. The error occurred in Google Chrome when a Salesforce user submitted a contract request to Contracts, the request was approved and a Contract Profile was created, and then a user uploaded a new document to the Contract Profile, which caused a link to the document to be displayed on the Salesforce Contract Request record.
  • SC-288 - Cannot Edit a Mapping Between Salesforce. Administrators can once again successfully update the mapping between a Salesforce Contract Type and a Contract Type/Request Type. For a brief period, when an Administrator displayed the  Integration Settings screen, opened a Salesforce integration, clicked on the Icon Edit.png icon for a mapping record to display the Salesforce Field Mapping window, and made a selection in the Salesforce list, they could not make a selection in the list since the filter was preventing the list from displaying any values.