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Conga Contracts Release Notes V7.2.7 – June 10, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9087 - Profile Cannot Be Edited for User Participating in eSignature Package Voided in DocuSign.  Administrators can once again edit the User Profile for a user who is a signatory or recipient in an eSignature Package that is voided in DocuSign. 
  • CON-9099 - Cannot Load Document Type List Items When Adding a Document from a Document Profile in a Contract Workflow.  When users add a workflow to a Contract Profile, click the Documents tab in the Workflows screen, click on a document record to display its Document Profile, click the New Document button, and make a selection in the Document Type list, the items in the list once again display.
  • CON-9104 - Elastic Search Returns No Results for Double-Byte and Special Characters for Certain Languages.  Special characters are supported in all words in all supported languages: French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Simplified Chinese.
  • CON-9108 - Scheduled Analytics Report Does Not Send Updated Report.  When users schedule an Analytics Report for periodic delivery, and the report is updated between delivery dates, the updated report is now delivered.  Previously, the original report was always delivered.
  • CON-9109 - User Search Generates Error When Manager Field is Searchable.  Administrators can once again run a search from the Users screen by entering a keyword or phrase in the Search field, and clicking the Select All check box in the Search list without receiving an error message. For a brief period, selecting the Manager field in the Search list generated a system error.
  • CON-9131 - Functions for Assignee of Flow Step Not Alphabetized.  Administrators can once again add a step to a flow template, assign the step to a user function, and be able to select from an alphabetized list of functions. For a brief period, any new functions that were added appeared at the bottom of the list, instead of being incorporated into the alphabetized list.
  • CON-9143 - Running Report with Addresses as Secondary Entity Generates Error. When users run the Report Wizard, select Contracts as the Primary entity and Addresses as the Secondary entity, add Company Name and Company Number as the report fields, and apply no filters to the report, the report no longer generates a system error.
  • CON-9151 - Comparing Revisions for Document Uploaded From Inbound Email Generates Duplicate Document Records. Users can once again reply to an email message sent from a Contract Profile, attach a document to the reply message, and when the document attachment is automatically uploaded to the Contract Profile, click the Compare Revisions button in the Document Profile without duplicate records being listed for one of the document revisions.
  • CON-9158 - Elastic Search Does Not Generate Accurate Results When the Flow Run on a Profile Contains Update Step. Users can now run an elastic search and the returned results will correctly reflect any field in Contract or Company Profile for which a Flow step has updated the value or status of a field in the Profile screen.
  • CON-9191 - Running Saved Search Query Generates Error Message.  For a brief period, when a user ran a saved search query, they received a Java Runtime exception error. Information was not being consistently sorted for search queries, as well as other features like reports and flows. The code was cleaned up by using sorted sets when constructing joinable trees.
  • CON-9203 - Cannot Create New Contract Profile. For a brief period, users received an error message stating that Contracts was unable to generate a contract number whenever they attempted to create a Contract Profile from an approved contract request, or from the New Contract link in the Contracts menu in the Navigation Toolbar.