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Conga Contracts Release Notes V8.0.1 – July 15, 2017

 For other features, enhancements, and resolved issues for the Pre-Launch, see v8.0.

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-8912 - Replace Option for Streamlining Global Edit Reassignments.  Using the Global (Advanced) Edit feature, Administrators can now reassign events and tasks from one user to another in a single step using the new Replace option.  Previously, two steps (Clear and Add) were needed to reassign events and tasks from one user to another.  A future use of the Replace option is to transfer the tasks and events assigned to an archived user to an active user.
  • CON-8913 - Search Query Returns Results for Archived Users.  Users can now run a Search Query for archived users to identify the flow steps that the user was able to approve, and the reports that the user created.
  • CON-6805 - Contract Requests Numbered for Easy Identification.  When a user creates a contract request in Contracts, the request is now automatically assigned a number.  Administrators have the option of enabling this feature by selecting the Request Numbering check box in the System Settings screen, and then changing the default numbering format for their contract requests using the Request Number Wizard.  The Wizard also allows Administrators to apply request numbering to existing contract requests.  Contract request numbering will be available for contract requests submitted from Salesforce in the near future.
  • CON-4927 - Direct Editing Available in Negotiation Portal.  Company contacts and external parties who participate in the negotiation of a contract in the Negotiation Portal can now use the Direct Editing (Open in Word) feature to update the contract document.  Previously, a document had to be checked out of the Portal, revised, and the document revision had to be checked back in to the Portal.
  • CON-6605 - Program Users Can Provide eSignatures.  When a document is sent for electronic signatures using the eSignature Package Wizard, and one of the signatories is a program user, the user can now provide their eSignature, rather than in the DocuSign cloud.  This feature is available for customers running DocuSign Native.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9185 - Autocomplete in Advanced Edit Not Working for Contract Responsibilities.  In using the Advanced Edit feature, Administrators can now select Contract in the Section list, select a contract responsibility such as Contract Manager in the Replacement Field list, select Add or Remove in the inclusion list, and while entering a program user’s name in the value list, the autocomplete feature once again provides a list of possible matches.
  • CON-9249 - Error When Processing Document Clauses from a Workflow Profile.  Users can now upload a document to a Workflow Profile and run Clause Processing without receiving a Document Processing error.  The error occurred when a user selected the Workflows button in the Contract Profile toolbar, clicked on the Documents tab in the Workflows section of the Workflow Profile screen, clicked the New Document button, selected a Document Type that was identified for clause analysis, uploaded the document, and then selected Yes in the Document Processing prompt.
  • CON-9253 - Status Field in Elastic Search Results Screen Does Not Display Properly.  Word-wrap has been applied to the Status field in the Elastic Search results screen so that the status of a Company, Contract, or Document result does not run into the Last Modified field and distort the display of information.
  • CON-9296 - Label for Clause Processing Button Not Readable.  When a user processes the clauses in a document, the Break Apart button in the Contract Profile Processing window now displays properly.
  • CON-9300 - Copying a Request Type Bundle Generates Error When Bundle Includes Profile Rule to Hide Request Type Form.  Administrators can make a copy of a contract request type bundle, which contains two or more forms and a profile rule that calls for one of the forms to be hidden under certain conditions, without receiving a Form Validation Error when trying to update the copied contract request type by adding another profile rule.
  • CON-9309 - Company and Project Profile Rules Not Being Applied Without a Condition. Administrators can once again create a profile rule for a Company or Project Profile that requires an action to be taken for one of the fields in the Profile screen without a condition being defined.  For example, a profile rule can be set to populate the Country field in a Company Profile with United States if all of a company’s contracts are with US customers.
  • CON-9320 - Date Fields Incompatible with Calculated Field in Profile Rule Removed.  The date fields that are not compatible with the Calculated Field action in a profile rule have been removed from selection (Contract Created On, Company Created On, Project Created On, Contract Current Expiration Date, and Contract Notice Date).