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Conga Contracts Release Notes V8.0.7 – October 7, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-9633 - Workflow Step Can Be Reassigned to Any Team Member. In creating a workflow template, an Administrator can allow members of a workflow team to reassign the step that has been assigned to them to any other member of the workflow team by selecting the new Allow Step Reassignment to Anyone Regardless of Function check box in the Restrictions view of the workflow template. When this option is enabled, it overrides the user function(s) that the Administrator selects as requirements for completing each step in the workflow. Users add workflows for companies, contracts, and projects by running the Workflow Wizard where they select a workflow template that defines the workflow steps, select a workflow team to identify the people who can complete the steps, and then assign an individual to complete each step.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9593 - Update Step in Flow Does Not Update Project Description.  An Administrator can now add a system Update step to a project flow, and configure the step by adding an action that automatically updates the Project Description field in the Project Profile without receiving an error message when the step is completed.
  • CON-9605 - Header Information Missing From Messaging Window.  When a user replies to a message sent from a Company, Contract, or Project Profile, the full header that included the name of sender, the recipients, those copied on the message, and the subject of the message once again displays.  For a brief period, only the name of the sender and a date stamp appeared in the header.
  • CON-9606 - Reply All Button in Messaging Window Populates Message CC Field with Recipient Email Addresses.  Users can once again click the Reply All button in a Messaging window in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile and expect the Message CC field to be correctly populated.  For a brief period, clicking the Reply All button caused the Message CC field to be populated with the email addresses of both recipients and those copied on the message.
  • CON-9618 - Self-Service Contract Request Does Not Generate Profile When Contract Purpose Field is Lengthy. A 254-character limit has been imposed on the Contract Purpose field, as well as the other fields in a contract request form to ensure a Contract Profile is created when users make a self-service contract request.  Previously, if a user populated the Contract Purpose field in a self-service contract request with text that exceeded 260 characters, no Contract Profile was generated.
  • CON-9619 - Scanned PDF Document Attached to Contract Request is Not Being OCRed.  When a user makes a contract request and attaches a scanned (non-searchable) PDF document to the request, Contracts now creates a second searchable copy of the document and stores it in the Contract profile.  Previously, scanned documents that were included with contract requests were not triggering the indexing process, which is required for a document to undergo Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • CON-9620 - Filtering by Flow Fields in Report Wizard Generates Error.  Users can once again run the Report Wizard and filter the report by any flow-related step without receiving a SQL Grammar or Data Exception error.  For a brief period, several flow fields generated errors when used as filters, including Flow Step Approval Person, Flow Created On, Flow Created By, Flow Stage, and Flow Step.
  • CON-9624 - Profile Rule Assigning Contract Responsibility Duplicates Responsibility in Contract Profile.  When an Administrator creates a profile rule setting a default action that automatically adds a contract responsibility to every Contract Profile created, and then assigns the responsibility to a user, the responsibility record no longer displays twice in the Responsibilities section of the Contract Profile screen.
  • CON-9638 - Contract Profile Rules Not Executing Unless Affected Fields are Re-selected in Edit Mode in Profile Screen.  Profiles rules that are executed on fields in the Contract Profile screen, such as contract Status and Responsibilities, are once again being properly executed.  For a brief period, a profile rule would only execute if the Contract Profile screen was edited by changing the value in the field affected by the rule, and then returning the field to its original value, even if the original value met the criteria needed to execute the rule.
  • CON-9642 - Unable to Display Documents Browse Screen.  Users can once again click the Documents link in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile without receiving the Error Fetching Data From Server message.