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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.13 - July 7, 2018


  • CON-11696 - Flexible Timeframe for Login History Report.  When Administrators run the Login History Report to identify those users accessing the Conga Contracts program, they can now select the timeframe for the report using the new Login History Report window.  The options are the Past 30 Days, Past 90 Days, or a specific Date Range can be defined by selecting the start and end dates for the report.
    • To access the Login History Report window, click Admin in the Navigation Toolbar, select Users in the menu, and click Login History Report in the Users screen.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-10210 - Profile Rule Can Be Set Using Disabled Values. When Administrators create a Profile Rule that uses the Default or Force Value action for a field, any values for the field that have been disabled by an Administrator in the List Administration screen no longer appear as selections for the field.
  • CON-10211 - Users Added to Advanced Edit of Event Notifications and Reminders.  When Administrators perform an advanced edit of Company Events and Contract Events, the person selected in the Event Notification Person or Event Reminder Person field can be globally replaced with a program user.  Previously, only company contacts and external people were available as replacements.
    • For Company Events, the Company People Restricted by Company Group check box must be selected in the System Settings screen.
  • CON-11250 - Profile Rule Using Calculation Generates Error.  When Administrators write a Profile Rule that performs a calculation using the Start Date or End Date field in the Project Profile screen, they no longer receive an error message.
  • CON-11337 – Disabling People Function Disables Company Contact or External Person Holding the Function.  When Administrators disable a People Function in the List Administration screen, any company contact or external person who holds only this function no longer displays as disabled in the Person Browse screen.
  • CON-11887- Profile Rule for Contract Request Type Not Applied. When Administrators add a Profile Rule to a Contract Request Type and use the Default or Force Value action to populate the Original Expiration Date field when users create a contract request using the Request Type, the rule is now applied and the field is auto-populated with the default or forced date.