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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.2 - February 3, 2018

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-9719 and CON-10005 - Replace User Option Extended to Workflow Team Members and Global Search Queries.  When an Administrator replaces a user with another user, that change is now reflected when the replaced user was a member of a workflow team or created a global (shared) search.
  • CON-9783 and CON-9874 - Generic Fields Added to User Profile.  Five generic field lists have been added to the User Profile screen so that Administrators can capture additional information for a user.  Using the List Administration screen, Administrators provide the labels for the lists and the item selections for each list. 
    • The generic field lists, whose default names are People Field 1 - People Field 5, are accessed by entering Person in the Search field in the List Administration screen.
  • CON-9786 - Changes to Generic Fields Captured in History File.  When an Administrator makes a change to any of the five generic fields in a User Profile screen, a history of the change is recorded.  Each history record includes the date of the change, the original and updated values, and the name of the Admin who made the change. 
    • The History screen is accessed by clicking View History in the toolbar of the User Profile screen.
  • CON-10073 - Login Screen Upgrade.  The login screen was redesigned to reflect the look and feel of other Conga products.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9471 - Contract Flow and Bulk Data Upload Tool Items Not Translated. Translation errors have been corrected in (1) Properties window for Creation Template step in a Contract Flow Template and (2) Upload prompt for Excel spreadsheet when performing a contract bulk data upload.
  • CON-9740 - Cannot Display Flow Activities Window.  Users can once again display the Flow Activities window from a Contract Profile.  For a brief period, clicking the flow’s Icon Properties.png  icon and selecting Show Activity Grid in the menu displayed an Error fetching data from server message.
  • CON-9847 - Flow Step Notes Do Not Display in Notification Emails.  When a user adds a note to a contract, company, or project flow step and the action or completion of that step generates a system email message, the note once again displays in the email message.  For a brief period, the only note that displayed in the email notification was the one the Administrator added to the flow step in the template used to run the flow.