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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.4 - March 3, 2018


  • CON-9814 - Missing Parent Option for Incorporated (Child) Contract Profile.  Administrators now have the option of allowing users to add an incorporated, or child, Contract Profile without linking it to a root Contract Profile.  For example, a user can now create a Contract Profile for an Amendment without linking it to a Master contract.
    • When Administrators click the new Allow incorporated contracts to be created without a parent check box in the System Settings screen, a Missing Parent check box displays in the Contract Profile screen for a new contract.
  • CON-9825 - Replace User Option Extended to Contract Requestors. When an Administrator replaces a user with another user, that replacement is now reflected in any contract requests made by the replaced user that have not yet been approved or declined.
  • CON-10059 - Replace User Option Extended to Person Fields in Contract Request. When an Administrator replaces a user with another user, that replacement is now reflected in the field of a contract request that is populated with the replaced user’s name, such as a Sales Representative field. This replacement enhancement extends to enhanced contract requests, legacy requests, self-service requests, and contract requests made from Salesforce.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9739 - Conga Word Plugin Limits Returned Results in Clause Search.  When a user installs the Word Plugin for use in the Document Assembly feature, which allows them to open a Word document in conjunction with a browser that can access the Novatus Clause Library, they can now run a search for clauses that contain a keyword or phrase and the returned results are no longer limited to 10 clauses.
  • CON-9944 - Flow Activity Duration Field Calculates Business Days.  The Duration field for a flow step, as recorded in the Flow Activities window in a Contract Profile now displays the timeframe in calendar days, instead of business days (M-F) to more accurately represent the time a flow step remains open.
    • Display the Flow Activities window by clicking Icon Properties.png for a flow at the top of a Contract Profile and selecting Show Activity Grid in the menu.
  • CON-9978 - Contract Profile Rule that Hides Expiration Date Not Consistently Applied to Profile.  When an Administrator writes a Profile Rule that requires the Expiration Date field to be hidden whenever a Contract Profile is created, the field once again remains hidden when the Profile is in edit mode. For a brief period, the Expiration Date field was only hidden when the Profile was being created, and in View mode.
  • CON-10183 - Copied Recipient Not Recorded When CC Added From External Email Program. When a user responds to an email message sent from Contracts from another email program, such as Outlook or Google, and copies a recipient on their reply, the person copied is now recorded in the email response received in Contracts. For a brief period, the copied recipient's name did not display in the CC field.
  • CON-10202 - Cannot Publish Contract Template when Update Step is Configured using Effective Date.  An Administrator can once again create a Contract Flow Template, add an Update step, configure the step by selecting the Effective Date field and providing a future date, and then publish the template without receiving an error message.
  • CON-10213 - Elastic Search for Contract Number Returns All Contract Numbers.  Users can once again select Contracts in the Elastic Search list in the Navigation Toolbar, enter a contract number into the Search field and click Icon Magnifyer.png, and the All Contracts screen will return only results that match that contract number.  For a brief period, all contract numbers were being returned as results.
  • CON-10224 - Text Added Before/After Merge Field in MS Word Document Formatted for Creation Template Does Not Display. When an Administrator formats a Word document for use in a Creation Template and the formatting includes the Merge Field options of inserting user-defined text before or after the merge field, the text now displays properly when the template is used in the Creation Wizard to generate a Word document.
    • The option to insert text before or after a merge field is set in a Word document by clicking Insert Icon Arrow Horizontal.pngQuick Parts Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Field.  In the Field window, select the Mail Merge category, click MergeField, and enter the field name. In the Field options section, select the Text to be inserted before (or after) check box, and enter the text to be inserted before (or after) the merge field. Click OK.
  • CON-10228 - Duplicate Merge Fields Display in MS Word Document Generated by Creation Template.  When an Administrator uploads a formatted Word document for use in a Creation Template and that document contains merge fields in the header and/or footer, duplicate merge fields no longer display in the Word document that is generated using the template in the Creation Wizard.
  • CON-10234 - Merge Fields Display/Behave Improperly in MS Word Document Generated by Creation Template. When an Administrator sets the output type in a Creation Template to DOCX, and a user runs the Creation Wizard using the template to generate a MS Word document, the merge fields no longer display with borders and can now be deleted without an error message displaying.  For a brief period, the merge fields in the generated document were encased in a rectangle with visible borders, and a Content Locked error message displayed if the user tried to delete the field.
  • CON-10235 - Error When Creating MS Word Document Using Creation Template.  For a brief period, users received an error message when trying to create a contract document in MS Word using a Creation Template.  
  • CON-10270 - Replaced User Not Reflected in My Approvals Screen.  When an Administrator replaces User #1 with User #2 after User #1 has submitted a contract request for approval, User #2 now appears as the person who created/submitted the contract request in the approver’s My Approvals screen.
  • CON-10278 - Error When Running Search Query for Request Owners. Users can once again successfully run a Search Query for contract request owners.
    • To run this query from the Search Query screen, select Request in the Result Type field, set the Criteria to Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Request Owner in the first list, select Not Null in the second list, and click Execute.