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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.5 - March 17, 2018


  • CON-10240 - Export to Excel Button Added to Related Company Contract List in Company Profile.  In the Related Company Contract List view of the Contracts screen in a Company Profile, an Export to Excel button has been added to the toolbar so that the list of contracts in this view can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.  The Related Company Contract List view of the Contracts screen contains links to the Contract Profiles for any company that shares a relationship with the active company.
  • CON-10345 - Platform Integration of Conga Contracts and Conga Contracts for Salesforce.  On March 24, the Conga Contracts platform was merged with Conga Contracts for Salesforce. At this time, Conga Contracts users will experience no change in program performance.  The only change is the presence of a Conga Platform Exclude check box in both the Company and Contract Profile screens.  However, using this check box will not currently include/exclude the integration since it must be enabled behind the scenes.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9627 - Work Log History Records Do Not Display Correctly When Sorted. Users can once again sort the records in the Work Log History view of the History screen in the Contract Profile and expect the results to be displayed correctly in ascending or descending order. Previously, only the records in the first page were sorted correctly by date while records in consecutive pages were randomly sorted into groups, and then sorted by date.
  • CON-9738 - Reopening eSignature Envelope from All Packages View of Document Packages Screen Generates Error.  When users run the eSignature Package Wizard, but do not submit the envelope for electronic signature, they can now reopen the envelope from the All Packages view of the Document Packages screen without receiving an error message.  For a brief period, the envelope could only be reopened from the Current view of the Document Packages screen.
  • CON-10004 - Cannot Disable Item Selection for Document Type Group.  Administrators can once again disable a selection that has been added to a Document Type Group list from the List Administration screen.  For a brief period, the Disabled check box did not remain selected after clicking the Save button.
  • CON-10133 - Approved Contract Request Linked to Related Company Contract Does Not Display Link in Contract Profile.  When a user makes a contract request for an incorporated contract and links the request to an existing related company contract, the Contract Profile that is generated when the request is approved now displays the related contract in the Agreement Link field.  Previously, the field was blank, but the linked contract did display in the list of available contracts.
  • CON-10212 - Profile Rule to Disable Contract Responsibility Prevents Creation of Contract Profiles.  The ability to create a Contract Profile Rule that will disable a contract responsibility has been removed since this action prevents the creation of Contract Profiles.
  • CON-10221 - Step Properties in Flow Template Cannot Be Configured in IE11.  Contracts updated its code so that Administrators who create flow templates and configure the steps in the IE11 browser no longer have any issues when they click the Properties Icon Gear.png icon for a flow step in the template's Design Panel.
  • CON-10295 - Migration Tool Does Not Support Contract Responsibilities.  When Administrators export the data in their database, upgrade to the latest release of Contracts, and then import their data, onscreen messages once again display to indicate the progress/completion of the procedure.  For a brief period, no confirmation or progress messages displayed when the import of data included contract responsibilities.
    • The Migration tool is accessed by clicking Admin Icon Arrow Horizontal.png System Settings, clicking the Migration tab, and using the Export/Import buttons.