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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1.6 - March 31, 2018


  • CON-10298 - Compare to Profile Button Changed to True-Up.  In the Document Profile screen, the Compare to Profile button, which is used to launch the True-Up process, has been renamed True-Up to promote clarity.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-10057 - Multiple Email Notifications Sent for Completed eSignature Package.  All participants in an eSignature Package once again receive a single email notification when the package is marked as complete.
  • CON-10262 - Flow Template Cannot Be Published When Step Restriction Set to Null or Not Null. Administrators can now create a flow template, add any type of flow step, set a restriction for the step that states any contract responsibility must be Null or Not Null, and publish the template without receiving an Invalid UUID String error.
  • CON-10271 - Specially Formatted Merge Fields in Creation Template Do Not Display Properly in Generated Document. Administrators can once again add merge fields with special formatting to a Creation Template so that when the template is used by the Creation Wizard to create a contract document, the special formatting is preserved in the generated document.
  • CON-10301 - Reply All Option in Messaging Generates Varying Email Messages.  An update was made to the Replying to a Message topic in the documentation to advise users that selecting the Reply All option when using an email service such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo when replying to an email message sent from Contracts will populate the To and CC fields differently depending on the email service used and whether or not the Automatically CC Email Sender system setting is selected.
  • CON-10313 - Bulk Download Documents Option in Search Query Not Functioning Properly.  When users run a Search Query for contract documents and then click the Bulk Download Documents link in the Results screen, all documents are now downloaded.  Previously, if two or more documents had the same file name, only one of the documents was included in the bulk download.
  • CON-10382 - Properties Cannot Be Set for Automatic Notification Step in Flow.  For a brief period, when Administrators added an Automatic Notification step to a Contract Flow Template and clicked the Icon Properties.png icon to set the properties for the step, an error message displayed.  This error occurred only when using the IE11 or Google Chrome browser.
  • CON-10418 - Compare Document Revisions Option Not Functioning Properly.  Users can once again use the Compare Revisions option in the Document Profile screen without receiving an error message.  For a brief period, comparing revisions to a document uploaded to a Contract Profile generated a Data Exception error.