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Conga Contracts Release Notes v8.1 - January 6, 2018

New Features

  • CON-9437 - True-Up Access Permission Type.  A True-Up Access check box has been added to the list in the Permission Types section of the Role Profile screen.  When selected, users holding this role see a True-Up button in the Document Profile screen, which is used to launch a window that identifies the differences between the variable information in the final contract and the original data captured in the fields in the Contract Profile screen. 
    • The True-up option is only available when the final contract was originally created using the Creation Wizard.
  • CON-9436, 9438, 9441, 9555, and 9556 - True-Up Fields in Contract/Company Profile with Final Document.  Using a new Compare to Profile button in the Document Profile screen that launches a comparison window, users with the True-Up Access permission can select the variable information they want Novatus to update in the fields in the Contract and Company Profiles screen using data pulled from the final contract stored in the Document Profile.
    • The True-up option is only available when the final contract was originally created using the Creation Wizard.
  • CON-9443 - True-Up History File.  When a user runs the True-Up feature to update the data stored in the fields of a Contract and/or Company Profile using the variable information from a final contract document, a history of the process is recorded.  The History file tracks when True-Up was started and completed, the person who initiated the process, and the original and updated value for each Profile field.


  • CON-8304 and CON-9785 - Fields Added to User Report.  Additional fields now appear in the User Report, which is generated by clicking User Report in the toolbar of the Users browse screen.
    • Previously, the report contained each user's name, login ID, status, and the roles and functions the user performed in Contracts. The report now also contains the remaining information captured in each User Profile, including the five new Person Generic Fields.
  • CON-8889 - Contract Responsibilities Added to Bulk Data Upload Tool.  The Excel template that is provided by Contracts to bulk upload contract data now includes a default Responsibility field, as well as individual fields for every contract responsibility that Administrators have added to Contracts. 
    • When a responsibility field, such as Contract Manager, is populated with the name of the responsible person, this information is transferred to the Responsibilities section of the Contract Profile created during the bulk data upload process.
  • CON-9097, 9233, 9645, 9715-18, 9720-21, 9723-24, 9726-28, and 9859 - Replace User Option.  Administrators can now reassign all the program responsibilities held by one user to another user, such as completing a workflow step, flow step, event, task, or scorecard, holding a contract responsibility, participating in a document package, being a member of an email distribution list, receiving scheduled reports, and being responsible for a profile rule.
    • This option is executed by clicking the Replace User button in the User Profile of the user that needs to be replaced.
  • CON-9403 - Ability to Reassign a Flow Step.  In creating a Contract, Company, or Project Flow Template, Administrators can allow a specific user who has been assigned to complete a flow step to reassign the step to another program user. 
    • To allow reassignment, an Administrator clicks the new Allow User Reassignment check box in the Assignee view of the Properties window for a step after selecting one or more specific users.  The Properties window for a flow step is accessed by clicking the step’s  icon in the Flow Design Panel of a flow template, and selecting Edit Properties in the menu.
  • CON-9580 - WEBDAV Editing Renamed Open in Word.  The WEBDAV Editing (BETA) permission type has been renamed Open in Word to clarify its functionality.  When an Administrator creates a user role and assigns the Open in Word permission to the role, users holding the role can edit a Microsoft Word document where the edited document is saved as the next revision to the document.
  • CON-9756 - User History Tracks Replaced Users.  When one program user has been replaced by another user, Contracts keeps a record of the information in the User Profile of both users. 
    • To view a record of the replacement, click View History in the toolbar of either User Profile to identify the  replaced user (Original Value) and the user who replaced them (Updated Value), the name of the person who made the replacement, and the date on which it occurred.
  • CON-9918, 9925, and 9948 - Analytics Permission Type Changed to BI (Business Intelligence) Tool.  In setting up a user role, the Analytics permission type has been changed to BI Tool to reflect the expanded capabilities of the feature. 
  • CON-9983 - Classic Theme Replaced with Modern Theme.  Contracts has retired the Classic theme, and all those currently using this theme will automatically be updated to the Modern theme.  The Classic theme used a side panel Navigator and a light blue/white color scheme.
  • CON-9444 and CON-9639 - Ability to Hide Links in Company, Contract, and Project Profiles.  Users can now select the links they want displayed in the Links section of their Company, Contract, and Project Profiles by clicking Icon Portlet Options.png in the Links section of the screen. 
    • In the Configure Links prompt, a link is hidden by clearing its check box.  However, certain links cannot be hidden. In the Contract Profile, Contract Family and Additional Forms cannot be hidden.  In the Company Profile, Contracts and Additional Forms cannot be hidden, and in the Project Profile, Workflows and Additional Forms cannot be hidden.
  • CON-9405 - Ability to Report on Reassigned Flow Steps.  User can now use the Report Wizard to generate a report on reassigned steps in a flow run on a Contract, Company, or Project Profile. 
    • For example, to run a report on contract flow steps that have been reassigned, launch the Report Wizard, and select Contract in the Primary list and Contract Flow Reassignment in the Secondary list.  In the Report Field Selection step, add the Company, Contract, and Flow fields you want added to the report.  Scroll down to the Flow Reassignment Fields section and add the reassigned flow step fields you want included in the report.
  • CON-9406 - Ability to Search for Reassigned Flow Steps.  Users can now search for steps in a Contract, Company, or Project flow that have been reassigned. 
    • For example, to search for contract flow steps that have been reassigned, run a Search Query and select the following hierarchy in the Result Type list: Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Flow Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Flow Template Icon Arrow Horizontal.pngFlow Stage Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Flow Step Data Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Flow Step Reassignment.
  • CON-9712 - Added Functionality for Elastic Search.  Customers who use the Elastic (vs. Classic) Search can now run a category search from the Dashboard using a list that has been added to the Search field.  Users select Company, Contract, or Document in the list to refine their search, instead of entering the criteria in the Search field and then refining the search in the Results screen.
    • For example, to search for a document containing the word Lease, select Document in the search list, enter *Lease* in the Search field, and click Icon Magnifyer.png.  Document results display in the original Elastic Search Results screen, whereas a company search displays results in the All Companies screen, and a contract search displays results in the All Contracts screen.
  • CON-9068 - Flow Fields Added to Analytics Reporting.  Users can now generate an Analytics Report that includes the fields related to a flow that is run on a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, including the date on which a step in a flow was created and/or completed, and the person who completed the step.
  • CON-9329 - Added Functionality for eSignature Flow Step.  When a user clicks Icon Esig.png  in a contract flow, the button no longer remains active, but is replaced by a Icon Waiting.png  message, which prevents other users from repeating the eSignature process.  If all signatories provide their eSignatures, which completes the electronic signing process, Contracts moves the flow to the next step.  If any signatory declines providing their eSignature, the Launch eSignature button is reactivated in the flow.
  • CON-9404 - History of Reassigned Flow Steps.  User can now review a history of a flow step that has been reassigned, including the name of the original step owner, the new step owner, and the date it was reassigned. 
    • To access the Reassignment History window, click the icon for a flow and select Show Activity Grid in the menu.  In the Flow Activities window, click the reassigned step’s Icon Reassigned.png icon.
  • CON-9661- Additional SalesConnect Field Mappings.  Salesforce Administrators can now map additional Novatus fields to Salesforce fields in the Salesforce Field Mapping window, including fields in the Company and Contract Profile screens and fields in an additional form linked to a Request/Contract Type. 
    • The Salesforce Field Mapping window is accessed by clicking Admin Icon Arrow Horizontal.png System Settings Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Integration Settings, and selecting the Salesforce Settings tab.  After selecting a connected integration, click the Icon Edit.png icon for a mapping in the Map Salesforce Contract Types to Contract Request Types section of the screen.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9747 - Archived User Not Removed from Workflow Team.  When an Administrator archives a user who is the only member of a Workflow Team, the user no longer remains as a member of the team.  Previously, the user could be archived and remain a member of the Workflow Team.  If the team was selected to complete a workflow, the archived user could be assigned to complete one or more steps.
  • CON-9748 - Archived User Allowed to be a Task Owner.  When an Administrator archives a user whose only responsibility is being the owner of an upcoming task in a task list, a prompt now displays advising that the user cannot be archived.  Previously, the user could be archived, and the archived user remained the owner of the upcoming task in the task list.
  • CON-9750 and CON-9751 - Archived User Allowed to be an Event Owner.  When an Administrator archives a user whose only responsibility is being the owner of an upcoming event, a prompt now displays advising that the user cannot be archived.  Previously, the user could be archived, and the archived user remained the owner of the upcoming event.
  • CON-9858 - Approved Contract Request Can Be Resubmitted for Approval.  Users can no longer resubmit an approved contract request for approval.
  • CON-9952 - Cannot Upload TXT Files to Contract Profile. Users can once again upload a TXT file to a Contract Profile without receiving a Java Exception error.  A TXT file is uploaded by clicking the Documents link in the Profile, clicking the New Document button, making a selection in the Document Type list, and then clicking the Select button and navigating to the TXT file.
  • CON-9981 - Export To Excel Button Missing from Classic Search Results.  In running a classic search, the Export to Excel button has been restored to the Company Search and Contract Search sections of the results screen.