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Conga Contracts Release V7.0.1 - July 16, 2016


  • CON-5730 – Operation Added to Profile Rule Condition.  Administrators can now write a profile rule with a condition that controls the population or display of a program field by defining the only value that a related field cannot have when a user populates the related field.  In selecting the new "Not In" operator for a condition, the profile rule is applied to all circumstances except the one defined by the condition.  For example, you can set up a contract profile rule with a condition that states if the Term Type field IS NOT Perpetual, then the action performed will be to make the Renewal Internal field required.  Currently, this feature is only available for combo lists, and not multi-select lists.
  • CON-6936 - Upload Documents Option Available for All User Roles.  Administrators can now grant any user role the permission to upload documents to Company and Contract Profiles, including the Read Only and Restrict to My Contracts user roles.  The ability to upload documents is restricted to the company and contract groups for which the user role has viewing, modifying, or full permissions.
  • CON-7422 – Requester Can Select Approver for Contract Request.  Administrators can now add an Approver field list to a Contract Request Type template so that users who make a contract request using the template can select the approver for their request.  Administrators must also enable the Assign Approver check box in the Restrictions section of the template and the make a selection in the Approver Role list.
  • Ticket CON-7623 – Upload Documents Option Added to Project Team Wizard.  When users run the Project Team Wizard, they now have the ability to grant team members the permission to upload documents to the Project Profile.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7590 – Error Message When Submitting a Contract Request from Salesforce.  Users no longer receive an Unable to Submit Request error message when sending a contract request from Salesforce to Contracts for approval.
  • CON-7579 – Document Attachment List in Contract Messaging Feature Does Not Display Contract Number.  When users create an email message using the Messaging feature in a Contract Profile, and then attach a document to the message, the Attach Document window once again displays information in the Contract Number field for each document record.
  • CON-7530 – Profile Rule to Hide a Required Dynamic Form Linked to a Contract Request Template Prevents Submittal of Contract Request. Users no longer receive an error message when they create a contract request and do not fill out a required dynamic form that has been linked to the request template because the form is hidden.  The dynamic form becomes hidden when the user meets the criteria that triggers the enforcement of the Profile Rule while creating the contract request.
  • CON-7386 – Updating the Mapped Fields Not Reflected in Salesforce.  In Contracts, when Administrators make a change to the field mappings between Contracts and Salesforce, the changes are once again accurately reflected in the Salesforce application.