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Conga Contracts Release V7.0.2 - August 6, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-5546 – Copy Option for Flow Templates.  Administrators can now copy an existing flow template, which minimizes the effort required in creating a new flow template that is similar to an existing template.
  • CON-1447 – Document Type Group Added to Search and Report Features. Users can now create a search query for Document Type Groups and also display results for the query in a basic or an advanced report.  Previously, users could only search and report upon document types.
  • CON-2783 – Time Stamp Added to Search/Report Date Fields.  A time stamp has been added to all the appropriate date fields that are included in the results that are returned after a search query is run.  When search results are exported to a report format, the time stamp is also displayed in the date fields of the report.     
  • CON-3229 – Export to Excel Option Added for Global Documents.  Users can export the information displayed in their Global Documents screen to an Excel spreadsheet.  The information in the spreadsheet can be customized by including/excluding fields in the Global Documents screen.
  • CON-4379 – Creation Date Field Added to Contracts Browse Screen.  A Created On column has been added to the Contracts browse screen to provide users with easy access to the creation date for every contract stored in the system.
  • CON-5352 – Ability to Add Document from Document Profile Screen.  Users can now add a document from the Document Profile screen of an existing document.  Previously, users had to return to the Documents browse screen after adding a document to a Contract or Company Profile before adding a new document to the profile.
  • CON-5530 – Expand/Collapse Icon in Linked Screens in Profiles.  Some of the linked screens in a Contract and Company Profile, such as the Attach Documents screen in the Events Profile, now contain an expand/collapse toggle   icon, which can be used to expand and collapse the viewing area of the screen within the profile.
  • CON-6048 – Invalidated Flow Record Added to History Screen in Profiles.  When a user invalidates a flow in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, a Flow Invalidated record is added to the History screen in the profile.  The Flow Invalidated record includes the name of the person who invalidated the flow, along with a date/time stamp.
  • CON-6406 – Delete Option for Completed Workflows.  Users can now delete a completed workflow.  Previously, only incomplete workflows could be deleted, while completed workflows were retained in the Completed Workflows view of the Workflows browse screen.
  • CON-6934 and CON-7340 – Clause Revisions and Revision Tracking.  Users can now revise a clause stored in their Clause Library and have Contracts recognize the change as a revision.  The additions/deletions to the clause are tracked, along with the name of the user who made the change and the date of the change.  Revisions to an individual clause are viewed in the Clause Profile screen, while revisions to several clauses can be identified by running a search query.
  • CON-7252 – Save Button in Original Expiration Date Window.  An OK (save) button has been added to the Original Exp Date window, which is used to set up an event alert for a contract’s original expiration date.  The window displays when you click the   icon in the Original Exp Date field in a Contract Profile.
  • CON-7678 – Action to Require Currency Type Added to Profile Rules.  Administrators can now set up a Profile Rule for a Contract Profile with an action that requires users to populate the Currency field in a Contract Profile when a specific condition is met.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-3289 – Cannot Search on Whole Number, Currency, or Date Fields in Company, Contract, and Project Profile.  Users can once again successfully search for a date, currency amount, and a whole number that is populating an additional field in the Company, Contract, or Project Profile screen.
  • CON-3625 – User Can Complete Deleted Scorecard Using Email Link.  If an Administrator deletes a scorecard and a user then clicks on a link to this scorecard from an email message, the user receives a message stating that the scorecard has been deleted.  Previously, the user was able to complete a deleted scorecard; however, their responses had no effect on the rating in the Company, Contract, or Project Profile since the scorecard was no longer actively associated with the profile.
  • CON-7364 – Users with Contract Requester Role Receive Document Package Invitation Email with Misdirected Link. When a user who holds the limited role of Requester receives an email message inviting them to join a Document Package Team, the link in the email message now correctly directs them to the Document Packages browse screen, instead of the My Requests screen.
  • CON-7404 – Filter List in Report Wizard Not Loading in Timely Manner.  In setting up a filter for a report, the field list once again responds in a timely manner when a user clicks on the field.  Previously, the user had to click on the field more than once in order to get the list items to display.
  • CON-7576 – Auto-Populate With Matches Feature Not Working Correctly in Advanced Edit.  When Administrators perform an Advanced Edit using a field that contains user names, all of the names that match the first few letters entered into the field once again display.  Previously, the list did not display with all possible matches.
  • CON-7588 – Simplified Chinese Not Properly Displaying When Comparing Document Revisions. When using the Document Comparison feature in Simplified Chinese, the comparisons once again display in Chinese and not as a string of empty consecutive blocks. 
  • CON-7603 – Icons Linked to Wrong Procedures in My Approvals Screen When Requester Selects Approver.  When a user has the ability to select the person who will approve their contract request, the icons that display in the approver’s My Approvals screen are once again correctly aligned with the procedures that can be performed for the pending request.
  • CON-7630 - Members Cannot Be Removed from Project Team in Wizard.  When users run the Project Team Wizard and remove one or more users from the project team, the team members are once again permanently deleted from the team.
  • CON-7632 – Profile Rule to Force Values for Expiration Dates Fields in Contract Profile Screen Are Not Applied.  Administrators can now write a Profile Rule to force the value in both the Original Exp Date and Current Exp Date fields in the Contract Profile screen.
  • CON-7642 – ‘Is’ Condition in Report Wizard Filter Yields No Results.  Using the ‘Is’ condition in defining a filter in the Report Wizard once again displays accurate results.  For example, a report filter of Contract Type Is License, will display a report with the requested fields for all contract licenses.
  • CON-7656 – Document Package Cannot Be Completed When Signatory Declines Providing their eSignature in DocuSign.  Users can now complete (close) a document package even if one of the signatories does not sign the document electronically in DocuSign.
  • CON-7657 – Java Error in Uploading Document to Contract Profile. Users no longer receive a Java Runtime error when uploading a new document to a Contract Profile from the Documents screen.  This error occurred only in Preview, and despite the error message, the document upload was accomplished successfully.
  • CON-7680 – Contract Responsibility List Not Populating for Action in Profile Rule.  When Administrators create a profile rule with a condition that requires an action involving a Contract Responsibility, the list of available users holding that responsibility is once again populated correctly. Previously, the list would either not appear or the list would contain no entries.
  • CON-7685 – Filtering a Contract Flow by Request Type Displays Deleted and Renamed Entries.  When Administrators filter a contract flow by Contract Request Type, the list of available options no longer displays deleted request types or the old names of renamed request types.
  • CON-7695 – Dynamic Forms Not Accessible to Users with Requester Permissions.  When a user who holds the limited role of Requester makes a contract request, that user can now access any dynamic forms linked to the template they are using to make the contract request.  Previously, users holding that role could not access or complete dynamic forms linked to the contract request template.