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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release V7.0.4 - V7.0.4u2


  • CON-7627 – User-Controlled Viewing Time for Quick Tips.  When a user mouses-over a field in a program screen with a quick tip, indicated by the presence of the  icon, the quick tip displays until the user moves their mouse to another location in the screen.  Previously, the quick tip displayed for approximately 5 seconds.
  • CON-7732 – Recipient Order Identified in DocuSign Template Matches Recipient Order in eSignature Package Wizard.  The order in which recipients are requested to provide their eSignature (or receive a copy of the signed document), as defined in a DocuSign template, now matches the order in which signatories and recipients appear in the eSignature Package Wizard in Contracts.  Previously, the signatories and recipients were listed alphabetically in the eSignature Package Wizard when a DocuSign template was used to process a document for electronic signature.

Issues Resolved

  • Con-5096 – Declined Workflow Step Approved if Email Contains Any Version of the Word 'Approve' in the Message Text.  In declining the approval of a workflow step from an email message, the step is no longer approved even if the word approved (or approve) appears after the word "Declined" in the body of the email message.
  • CON-6383 – Indent Feature Not Working for Clause Text.  Users can once again use their Tab key to indent text when they are adding or updating a clause in the Clause Profile Edit screen.
  • CON-7539 – Incomplete Simplified Chinese Translation in Active Workflow Items Portlet.  When viewing Contracts in Simplified Chinese, all the labels in the Active Workflow Items portlet are now translated.  Previously, the My Contract Flows tab was in English.
  • CON-7631 – Documentation of Workflow Admin Capabilities. The Administrator Guide has been updated to include additional information on the Workflow Admin Permission:  Administrators with the Workflow Admin permission can perform both the administrative tasks of adding, creating, copying, and deleting any workflow templates, workflow teams, and routing tables, as well as the user tasks for any workflow. User tasks include (a) completing, reassigning, and approving any step in the workflow (b) managing workflow documents, and (c) editing, closing, and deleting the workflow.
  • CON-7691 – Declined eSignature in Wizard Allows Duplicate Views of Document Package.  When a signatory declines to provide their eSignature on a document sent from the eSignature Package Wizard, users can no longer perform both of these conflicting actions: (1) check out a document from the document package and (2) complete (close) the document package.  This resulted in the document package being displayed under both the Current and Check Out views in the Document Packages browse screen.
  • CON-7694 – Message List Not Displaying Correctly in Messaging Screen.  The hierarchical list of previously sent/received messages, which appears at the top of the Messaging screen in a Contract or Company Profile once again displays correctly and responds correctly when the expand/collapse toggle icon is used and individual messages are selected for display. 
  • CON-7701 – Publishing Contract Flow After Removing Filter Generates Server Error.  Administrators no longer receive an Internal Server Error when they delete a flow filter from a Contract Flow Template and then attempt to republish the flow.  The Flow Filter is accessed by selecting the Flow Filter button in the toolbar of any Stage screen in a Contract Flow template.
  • CON-7703 – Multiple Messages Sent When Send Button is Repeatedly Depressed.  If a user sends a message from Contracts and depresses the Send button more than once, the same message is not sent to the recipient(s) more than once.
  • CON-7711- Current Expiration Date Overridden by Original Expiration Date in Renewal Wizard.  The correct Current Expiration Date once again displays in the Contract Profile screen after the Renewal Wizard is run.  On occasion, the wizard was populating the Current Expiration Date field with the date found in the Original Expiration Date field.
  • CON-7736 – Additional Currency Fields for Projects Should Not be Searchable.  The ability to search on an additional currency field that has been added to a Project Profile is no longer possible from the Projects browse screen.
  • CON-7739 – Cannot Map Clause in Creation Template.  Administrators can once again make a selection in the Merge Field Name list in the Clause Mapping screen when developing a Creation Template that includes a mapped clause.
  • CON-7754 – Cannot Delete List Items Used in Deleted Contract Requests.  From the List Admin screen, Administrators can once again delete any list item that is not currently being used by a contract request or used in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.  Previously, Administrators could not delete a list item for a combo, multi-select, linked combo, or linked multi-select list in a dynamic form that was linked to a request template, and that template was used in a deleted contract request.
  • CON-7756 – Person Field List Displays Error When Making a Contract Request.  If a user makes a contract request using a template that contains a person field listing the responsibilities associated with a contract, and if the request is for a new company, the list now displays 'No Values Selected' for all list items instead of an Error Fetching Data message.  The ‘No Values Selected’ option only displays if Company Contact is the only selection made in the Person Type section of the Contract Responsibilities list in the List Admin screen since a contract request for a new company has no company contacts. 
  • CON-7757 – Error Displays When Uploading a Document During Contract Approval Process.  When a user uploads a document to a contract request during the approval process, the user no longer receives a Java Runtime Exception error.  The error only occurred when a legacy contract template was used in making the contract request.
  • CON-7773 – Responsibilities List in Contract Profile Not Populating With Company Contacts.  When Administrators set up a contract responsibility and link it to a Company Contact person type in the List Admin screen, the Responsibilities list in the Contract Profile once again populates with all the names added as company contacts in the contract’s Company Profile.
  • CON-7774 – Cannot Report on Contract Agreement Link Field.  Users can once again run the Report Wizard and select the Contract Agreement Link field as a reportable field.   This field was included as a reportable field in the Report Wizard in V6.0 – V6.2, but was inadvertently omitted in V7.0.

Release Notes for v7.0.4u1 (8/24/16)

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7840 – Cannot Assign Value to Contract Agreement Type Filter in Report Wizard.  Users can once again run the Report Wizard and define a filter for the report using the Contract Agreement Type field.  Previously, users were unable to make an entry in the Value field to define the filter for Contract Agreement Type.   
  • CON-7848– Cannot Add New Product.  Users can once again add a product to the Product Grid by selecting the New Product button in the Products screen after selecting the Products link in a Contract Profile. However, a workaround involved selecting the Edit Product Grid button in the Products screen, and then selecting the New Product button when the screen refreshed.

Release Notes for v7.0.4u2 (8/27/16)

Issues Resolved

  •  CON-7857 – User Roles with Conflicting Document Permissions Results in Inability to Upload Documents.  When users hold one role in Contracts that permits document uploads, and they also hold a conflicting role that does not allow document uploads, users are now granted the permission.  Previously, in dealing with conflicting document upload permissions, Contracts denied, rather than granted the permission.