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Conga Contracts Release V7.1.2 - December 3, 2016


  • CON-3579 – eSignature Packages Portlet. An eSignature Packages portlet has been added to the types of portlets that can be displayed on the Dashboard.  The default view is Submitted Packages and tasks related to the eSignature Package envelope can be performed from the portlet using action icons.  Previously, eSignature packages were managed from the Document Packages portlet.
  • CON-4279 – Ability to Impose Conditions for Auto-Processing of Self-Service Contract Requests.  Administrators can now require that a Self-Service contract request meets two conditions before the request is automatically approved and a Contract Profile is created.  The new Self Service Request Template has an option that halts the process if the contract request is for a new company, or if the company is an existing company with an Inactive status.
  • CON-5321 – Add Notes Button Display in Flow Approval Step.  The Add Notes button for an Approval step in a flow now displays in conjunction with the Approve and Decline buttons and is available to all users.  In addition, the notes added by users are cumulative, viewable by all users, and designed to assist those that can approve/decline the step in making the correct decision.
  • CON-6702 – Notes Captured for Generic Step in Contract Flow.  A Notes button has been added to every generic step in a contract flow, allowing the user to provide information on completing the step.  The notes added by the user can then be viewed in the Activity Notes column of the Flow Activities window, which is accessed by clicking on the  icon in the Contract Profile screen.   
  • CON-6737 – Ability to Select Workflow Template in a Contract Flow.  When a user selects the Create button for a flow step from the Contract Profile screen, indicating the step is linked to a workflow template, the user is now able to select from a list of workflow templates.  Previously, the workflow template was predetermined by the step’s configuration in the Contract Flow Template, and the user was not able to select the workflow template.
  • CON-6962 – Resend Email Icon Added to Workflow Steps.  The  icon has been added to all incomplete workflow steps in the Workflows browse screen in a Company, Contract, and Project Profile to allow any member of the Workflow Team to send an additional email message to a step owner who has failed to complete the workflow step assigned to them in a timely manner.  When a team member clicks on the Resend Email icon for a workflow step, Contracts generates another email message to the step owner, reminding them that the step is awaiting their completion.
  • CON-7093 – Additional Search Query Options for Flow Steps.  Users can now run a search query to obtain additional information on a flow step, including the Flow Step Data Assignee field list, which allows a specific user, a user responsibility, or a user function to be selected as the search criteria.
  • CON-7401 – Reporting on Contract Flow Activity Includes Duration Time.  When running the Report Wizard and selecting Contracts as the primary entity and Contract Flow Activity as the secondary entity, the Duration field can now be included in the report to show how long incomplete steps have remained open.  The Filter step in the wizard must be configured with the appropriate filters to ensure only valid and incomplete steps are included in the report.
  • CON-7784 – Email Distribution List Display in Messaging Feature.  When a distribution list is used as a recipient in an email message sent from a Company or Contract Profile, the names of the people on the list now display.   Previously, only the name of the list displayed in the To and CC fields.
  • CON-7852 – Flow Step Display in Contract Profile Screen.  The steps in the stage of a flow can be hidden by clicking on the Stage header, which is now a toggle bar used to hide/display the steps in the Contract Profile screen.
  • CON-7893 – Action Column Added to eSignature Package Wizard Template.  When a user runs the eSignature Package Wizard and selects a template to designate the roles that should participate in the electronic signing ceremony, the template now includes an Action column to identify the action that must be taken by the person assigned to each role.  Roles include the Signer(s), the people who must Acknowledge Receipt of the electronically signed document, and those who Receive a Copy of the email, informing them that the document has been signed electronically.  Advanced actions include Manage Envelope, Address Recipients, and Manage Recipients.
  • SC-194 – Additional Fields Can Be Mapped in Salesforce.  Six fields from the Company Profile can now be mapped to Salesforce fields.  The fields are Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Company City, Company State/Province, Company Country, and Company Postal Code.   

Issues Resolved

  • CON-6192 – Profile Rule for Contract Request Type Template Can Be Written for Fields Not in Template.  Administrators can no longer create a Contract Request Type template, add fields to the template, and then write a Profile Rule for an action to be performed on a field that has not been added to the template.
  • CON-7322 – Inability to Sort on Contract Number.  Users can now sort the Contract Number field in both their My Requests and My Approvals screens in ascending/descending order.
  • CON-8071 – Term & Renewal Information is Not Editable for Coterminous Term Types.  When a user creates a Root (parent) contract, adds an Incorporated (child) contract to the Root contract and selects Coterminous as its Term Type, the Term & Renewal fields for the Incorporated contract, which are auto-populated with the information from the Root contract, can now be edited.
  • CON-8156 – Address Book Does Not Accommodate Large Number of Selected Email Addresses.  When a large number of email addresses are added to the Addresses list box, located at the top of the Address Book window, the viewable list of all program users, company people, and external participants is no longer minimized.  To accommodate a large number of selected email addresses, a scroll bar has been added to the list box.
  • CON-8171 – Flow Step Assignee Field Unavailable as Filter in Flow Activity Report.  Users can once again select the Flow Step Assignee field as a filter when running the Report Wizard to create a Flow Activity Report by selecting Contract as the primary source and Contract Flow Activity as the secondary source.
  • CON-8180 – Report That Filters on Project Start/End Dates Generates Error.  Users can once again run the Report Wizard, select Project as the Primary report type, and select either the Project Start Date or Project End Date field as the filter without generating a system error.
  • CON-8201 – Launch Button for Workflow in Flow Step Does Not Display.  The Launch button, which displays the Workflow Wizard for a flow step, is now always present, even if a completed duplicate workflow has been added to the Contract Profile.  Previously, the button did not display if a completed matching workflow already existed in the Contract Profile.
  • CON-8250 – Profile Rule to Hide Dynamic Object Not Available for Additional Forms in a Contract Request Type Bundle.  When Administrators add a Contract Request Type Bundle template that includes more than one form, and the second form in the template is linked to a dynamic form, a Profile Rule to hide/unhide a field in the dynamic form can now be written.  Previously, a Profile Rule to hide/unhide a field in a dynamic form linked to the Contract Request Type template could only be written for the first form added to the template.
  • CON-8275 – Reordering Signers and Recipients in eSignature Package Wizard Clears Actions.  In the eSignature Package wizard, users can once again change the order in which signers and recipients receive the envelope without the Action list being reset to the default (Sign) action.
  • CON-8289 – Submitted Contract Requests Do Not Display.  When users submit a contract request, they can once again view and access the request record from both their My Requests screen and the My Requests portlet on their Dashboard.
  • SC-205 – Creating a Salesforce Contract Request Using a Template with a Multi-Select Field List Remains in Pending Status.  When a Salesforce user creates a contract request using a template that contains a multi-select list, the contract request no longer remains in a Pending status after it is submitted for approval, even if the user does not make selections in the multi-select list issue