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Conga Contracts Release V7.2.2 - April 1, 2017


  • CON-8461 – Translation Files Updated for Release 7.2.  Several of the fields in the Criteria list in the Query Info screen have been translated for use in running search queries.  These additional field names have been translated into all six languages available in Contracts: French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Simplified Chinese.
  • CON-8666 – Flow Type Added to Published Flow Templates Screen.  The name of the screen used to create company, contract, and project flow templates has been enhanced to include the type of flow for easy identification.  For example, the screen name for contract flow templates now displays as Published Contract Flow Templates instead of Published Flow Templates.
  • CON-8713 - Agreement Link List in Contract Profile Displays Contracts of Related Companies. When users add a Contract Profile for an incorporated (child) contract, and link it to another contract via the Agreement Link list, the available contracts in the list now include those for any companies that have a relationship with the company adding the Contract Profile.  Administrators can enable or disable this option using the new 'Show Related Company Contracts When Selecting an Agreement Link' check box in the System Settings screen.
  • SC-267 – Submit Button in Contract Request Relabeled.  The Submit button in the Contract Request screen in Salesforce, which is used to send the request for approval, has been changed from Submit to Submit Request.

See also the FAQs from the recent Conga Contracts Release Webinar.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-8720 – Messaging URL in Project Profile Defaults to Workflow.  Users can send a message from a Project Profile and then refresh the screen without the URL changing from Messaging to Workflow in the Profile screen.
  • CON-8744 – Date Field in Approved Supplier Registration Does Not Populate in Company Profile.  When a supplier registration containing a date field is completed by a supplier and then approved by a user, the Company Profile that is created once again populates any additional date field with the date provided by the supplier.  For a brief period, the date entered by the supplier for the additional field was not being captured in the Company Profile.
  • CON-8751 – Creation Date Not Captured for Scheduled Analytics Reports.  A Created On column has been added to the Scheduled Analytics Reports browse screen so that users know when a Scheduled Report was created.
  • CON-8767 – Agreement Link List in Contract Profile Displays Items in Incorrect Order.  The selections in the Agreement Link list in a Contract Profile now display in the correct format: Company Name / Contract Number (Agreement Type) / Contract Purpose.  Previously, the display was Contract Number (Agreement Type) / Company Name / Contract Purpose.
  • CON-8811 – Search Query on Contract Request Generates Error.  Users can once again run a search query on a contract request by selecting Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract as the Result Type, and setting the criteria to any Created On date.  For a brief period, running this search generated a Timeout error.
  • CON-8813 – Duplicate Emails Generated When Using the Reply All Option. When a user sends an email message to an external person, and this person responds to the message using the Reply All option, the user no longer receives two copies of the email response. This issue occurred only when the "Use Inbound Processing" was enabled in the System Settings screen.
  • CON-8815 –Contract Value Field in Advanced Report Generates Error.  Including the Contract Value field as one of the fields in an Advanced Report no longer causes the report to generate a 'Data Exception error' when the report is previewed or exported to PDF or Excel.
  • CON-8822 – Cannot Search on Company Number for a Contract Request. Users can once again run a search query for a company number generated by a contract request.  This is accomplished by selecting Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Contract as the Result Type, and setting the criteria as Request Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Company Icon Arrow Horizontal.png Company Number, and making it equal to a specific company number.
  • CON-8838 – Cannot Search on Additional Field in Dynamic Form.  Users can once again run a search query by selecting Company as the Primary entity, and setting the criteria to search for the data in an additional field of a dynamic form without receiving an 'Error fetching data from server' message.
  • CON-8845 – Cannot Share a Global Document.  Users can once again share a document with other users by adding the document as a Global Document.  For a brief period, adding a global document by selecting Global Documents in the My Place menu, clicking the Add Document button, and uploading the document generated an 'Insufficient permission error' message.
  • CON-8846 – Modify Document Type Permission Overrides Company Group Permission. The new permission to restrict user access to modify documents based on document type no longer overrides the permission to restrict user access to modify data based on company group.  For example, if a user does not have to permission to modify data in a 'Restricted' company group, they cannot modify any documents uploaded to the Company Profile.
  • CON-8847 – Cannot Upload Document to Legacy Contract Request.  Users who create a contract request using a legacy template can once again upload a document to accompany the request. For a brief period, users were receiving an 'Insufficient permission error' message.
  • CON-8872 – Search Results Returned for Restricted Document Types.  When users run a search for document types, the results no longer display those types of documents for which they do not have permissions.