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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release V8.0.3 - August 12, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-8462 - Translation Files for Release 8.0.  Additional words and text strings have been translated for use with the new features and enhancements available in Release 8.0. These additional words and text strings have been translated into all six languages available: French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Simplified Chinese.
  • CON-8632, 8692, 8732, 8752, 8753-55, 8757-60, 8905, 8939, 8976, 8978-79, 9342, 9348, and 9376 - Document Assembly using Clause Library.  Users with the Word Add-In Access permission can now add a plug-in to their MS Word program that will run a browser window inside Word. From the browser window, users log in and are able to search for clauses stored in the Clause Library. Users then drag-and-drop clauses from the Library directly into an open Word document.  The browser window is collapsible when not needed, and the plug-in is downloaded from the Clause Browse screen.
  • CON-8895 - Reordering of Forms in Contract Request Type Bundle.  Administrators now have the ability to change the sequencing of the forms that have been added to a Request Type Bundle by dragging-and-dropping the form’s tab to the left or right in the Request Type Bundle Edit screen.  Reordering the forms changes the order in which forms display in the Creation Wizard when a user makes a contract request using the updated Request Type Bundle.
  • JIRA CON-9370 - Portal Rebranded with Conga Logo.  The Portal now displays the Conga logo. The Portal allows individuals without credentials to participate in a document or eSignature package and a supplier registration.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-9384 - Search Query for Clauses Generates Error When Results Exported to Excel.  Users can once again run a search query, select Clauses in the Result Type list, and select the Export to Excel option to display results in a spreadsheet without receiving a SQL Grammar Exception error.
  • CON-9390 - Document Profiles Not Available for Specific Contract Documents. In a Contract Profile, clicking on the Documents link, and then clicking on a document record generates a duplicate document error message instead of displaying the Document Profile.  This error was specific to one customer and only occurred for certain documents uploaded to the Contract Profile.
  • CON-9440 - Elastic Search Results for Document Versions are Invalid Links.  Users can once again click on a link for any version of a document returned as a search result, and have the Document Profile screen display.  For a brief period, the links to certain versions of a document displayed an error message.
  • CON-9474 - Root Contract with Coterminous Term Type Cannot Be Validated During Bulk Data Upload.  Users can now use the Bulk Upload Tool to import a root (parent) contract with a Coterminous term type and successfully validate the data.  Previously, only incorporated (child) contracts with a Coterminous term type could be validated during a bulk data upload.
  • CON-9494 - Profile Rule Does Not Execute when Condition is Set Using a Multi-Select List.  Administrators can once again create a Company or Contract profile rule, set a condition for the rule using a system or additional field that is a multi-select list, define the action, and expect the action to be performed when the condition is met.
  • CON-9496 - Uploading a Document in the IE Browser Does Not Display Document Profile.  Users who run Contracts in the IE browser can once again upload a document to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile and have the Document Profile screen display.  For a brief period, the Document Profile screen did not display and the user had no indication that the document had been uploaded successfully.
  • CON-9366 - Screen State Not Saved in Search Query Portlet.  A user can make a change to the columns that display in their Search Query portlet, navigate away from the Dashboard, and displays the portlet's updated screen state when the user returns to the Dashboard.
  • CON-9362 - Contract and Custom Relationships in Salesforce Cannot be Mapped to Dynamic Object.   Using a Master/Detail Lookup option, Administrators can now map the multiple relationships that can exist between a Contract object and a Custom object in Salesforce to a single Dynamic object.
  • CON-9455 - Salesforce Contract Requests are Not Numbered. When the Request Numbering check box is selected in the System Settings screen, contract requests received from Salesforce are now being numbered in the My Approvals screen.
  • CON-9464 - Changing Salesforce Account Name Breaks Mapping and Causes Contract Request to Fail.  When a Salesforce user changes the name of an account that has been mapped to a company, and then submits a contract request, an error message displays, indicating that account mapping is required.  Previously, the contract request failed when it was submitted from Salesforce and no error message displayed to provide the reason.