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Conga Support

Conga Contracts Release v7.0.7 - October 1, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • CON-7847 – Improved Error Message in Search Query Portlet. The error message that displays in the Search Query portlet whenever a stored global search has been changed to a personal search now informs the user as to why they can no longer access the search.  Previously the user received an Error Fetching Data From Server message.
  • SC-14 - Ability to Attach Documents to Salesforce Contract Request After Request Submitted.  Users can now add an attachment to a Salesforce contract request after submitting the request, and the attachment will be sent.
  • Ticket SC-117 - Salesforce Files (Content Documents) Available to All Users.  Salesforce users can now upload a file as a Salesforce File instead of an Attachment, which allows the file to be shared with all other Salesforce users from the Files home location.  When a file is uploaded as an Attachment, it is available only from the Account or Opportunity record. This Content Documents option is available only in the Salesforce Classic edition.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-6629 – Editing a Contract Request Displays Error Message if a Legacy Request Template is used to Create Request.  Users can once again create a contract request for an existing company using a legacy template, and then edit the request, without an Invalid Form error displaying, asking the user to select a company for the request even though the Existing Company field is already populated. 
  • CON-7972 – User Added with Copy Feature Receives Error Message Upon Login.  When an Administrator adds a user via the Copy feature and includes the Screen State option, the new user no longer receives an error message upon login.  This error message occurred when the original user’s Screen State included an active Dashboard Search Query portlet that contained a saved search query created by the user.   
  • CON-7975 – Uploading Document Revision to Creation Template Generates Error. Administrators can once again upload a revision to a document used in a Creation Template without receiving a File Upload Error message.
  • CON-7980 – Clause Type and Category List Items Cannot Be Deleted. Administrators can once again delete the item selections in the Clause Type and Clause Category lists in the List Admin screen, provided the item selection is not currently being used in the Clause Library.
  • CON-7985 – User with Request Only Permissions Cannot Create Contract Request for New Company.  Users who hold only the Requestor role and have no company or contract group permissions can now make a contract request for a new company without receiving an error message.