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Conga Contracts Release v7.0.8 - October 15, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

Company & Contract
  • CON-7965 – Ability to Cancel a Submitted Contract Request When Requestor Selects Approver and Ability to Track Time Lapse Between Submission and Initiation of Approval Process.  During the contract request process, users who are able to select the approver for their request can now cancel the request even after they have submitted it for approval.  Previously, the request could not be called back.  In addition, the submission of the request and the start of the review process are now both time-stamped so that a report can be run to identify the time lapse between submission and the start of the review process.  Previously, only the start of the review process was time-stamped.
  • CON-8027 – Administrators of Document Package Not Limited to System Users.  Any individual whose information has been captured in the system can now be an Administrator of a document package, allowing those who conduct business in the Portal to perform administrative tasks for a document package. Previously, only program users could be administrators of a document package.
  • SC-24 – Allow Mapping of Composite and Compound Fields Between Novatus and Salesforce.  Administrators can now map a field in Salesforce, such as Name, to a composite of the First Name and Last Name fields  They can also map a compound field in Salesforce, such as the billing or shipping address (City, State, Zip, and Country) to a compound field, such as Address or Location.
  • SC-28 and SC-61 – Ability to Map Product Fields with Non-Matching Salesforce Opportunity Fields for Data Transfer. Administrators can now map the Price field to the Salesforce Currency field for an opportunity, as well as the Quantity field to the Salesforce Double field without any issues.  The new mapping allows Salesforce numbers with no decimal places to map to integers, and also truncates the Double/Currency fields to a whole number by rounding down.
  • SC-147 – Ability to Select Documents for Export to Salesforce.  A Copy to Salesforce button has been added to the Documents browse screen in a Contract Profile, which when selected, displays a prompt with a list of documents that can be copied to the corresponding account or opportunity in Salesforce.  In the prompt, users simply select the check boxes for all the documents they wish to copy, and then click a Submit button.

Issues Resolved

  • CON-7925 – Completed Flows Collapse Only for Users with Flow Admin Permission.  When a flow is completed, the steps in each stage now collapse for all users so that only the stages in a completed flow display.
  • CON-7986 – User with Request Only Permissions Receives Error Message When Trying to Access Contract Profile.  Users who hold only the Requestor role and have no company or contract group permissions no longer receive an error message when trying to access a Contract Profile by clicking on the  icon in their My Requests screen.  The icon has been removed since it should not display for a user with a Requestor role who has no company or contract group permissions.
  • CON-8011 – Copying a Project Profile Generates an Error.  Users can once again make a copy of an existing Project Profile without receiving a Constraint Violation error.
  • CON-8013 – Change to Project Profile Name Not Reflected in My Flow Steps View of Workflows Portlet.  When a user completes a flow step that has been assigned to them in a Project Flow, and then the user changes the name of the Project Profile, the name change is once again reflected in the My Flow Steps view of their Dashboard Workflows portlet.  Previously, the name change was not reflected in their portlet.
  • CON-8018 – Setting Profile Rules to Hide and Unhide Fields in a Dynamic Form Result in Lost Data in Other Form Fields. Administrators can now set up several Profile Rules to hide and unhide the fields in a dynamic form without causing any of the other fields in the form to lose captured data.
  • Con-8025 – Scrolling to Bottom of Lengthy Tree Field Displays Blank Field When Revisited. In the List Admin screen, Administrators can once again scroll to the bottom of a Contract Type tree field that houses many hierarchical levels, and then reopen the field without any issues. Previously, redisplaying the list a second time produced a blank field with no entries.
  • CON-8032 – Project Flow Cannot Be Run When Flow Template Contains a Workflow.  Users can once again complete a project flow that is automatically run on Project Profile even if the template used to run the flow contains a workflow as one of the steps in the flow.         
  • CON-8049 – Flow Automatically Initiated When a Workflow Step Updates Contract Status. Users can once again run a contract workflow containing a step that updates the status of the Contract Profile without a flow automatically being applied to the Contract Profile.