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Conga Contracts Release v7.0 - August 6, 2016

Release 7.0 Pre-Launch Date of July 2, 2016

ASP Release Date of August 6, 2016

These Release Notes will provide an overview of the new features, enhancements, and repairs included in the V7.0 Release. The release schedule dates for 2016-2017 are listed at the end of the document.

Pre-Launch (7/2/16) and Go-Live (8/6/16) of Release V7.0

New Features

  • CON-7510 – Automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Document Uploads.  When MS Word and PDF files are uploaded to Contracts, each document is automatically run through an OCR process (i.e., document text is recognized) so that users can run a Document Search to locate any documents that contain a specific keyword or name contained in the body of the document.   
  • CON-6578 – Copy Contract Wizard.  A wizard has been added to the Copy Contract feature, which is currently used to create a new Contract Profile by making a copy of an existing Contract Profile.  The new Copy Contract Wizard gives users the option of copying one or more of the captured dynamic forms from the existing profile to the new profile. 

System Enhancements

  • CON-2022 – Copy Feature for User Roles.  Administrators can now create a new user role by copying an existing user role.  The Copy User feature is launched by selecting the Copy button in the Action Bar of the Role Profile screen.
  • CON-2782 – Ability to Adjust Time Zone Settings for User Reports.  The System Administrator can allow users to display their preferred time zone in any report they create/run that includes a time stamp field by selecting the new Enable Timezone Calculation on Reports check box in the System Settings screen. When the check box is selected, any time stamp field in the  reports generated by users matches the time zone they selected in the Time Zone list their User Preferences window (System view).
  • CON-3076 – Additional Information in Creation Templates Browse Screen.  Two additional columns have been added to the Creation Templates Browse screen:  Last Updated By and Last Updated On to provide Administrators with at-a-glance information on updates to creation templates.
  • CON-5746 – System-Generated Passwords for New Users.  Administrators can use the System-Generated Password option whenever they add a new user. Contracts will send an email to the new user containing their temporary password, which they are forced to change once they log in.  Administrators still have the ability to define passwords for new users.
  • CON-6582 – Profile Rules Can Hide Dynamic Form Fields.  Administrators can now write a profile rule that calls for a field in a dynamic form to be hidden in the program, not just hidden from view when a user adds the dynamic form to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.  A field that is hidden using a profile rule does not display in any reports that include the dynamic form or in the Additional Forms browse screen in the profile.
  • CON-6735 – Email Messages to Users for Flow Actions and Approvals Contain Only Relevant Data.  When an Administrator creates a flow template with one or more steps that are assigned to a specific user, the email message received by the user, requesting them to perform an action or approve a step, no longer contains blank fields or unnecessary white space.  The email message now contains only populated fields and there are no blocks of white space, suggesting missing information.
  • CON-6825 – Disabled Users Displayed as Grayed-Out Entries in Contract Profile.  Program users that have been disabled in Contracts now display as grayed-out entries in the Responsibilities list in the Contract Profile, and also in the linked People screen in the profile.
  • CON-6935 – eSignature Wizard Available to Users with Read Only Permissions and Restrict to My Contracts Role.  Users who have been assigned Read Only permissions to Company, Contract, and Project groups can now access the eSignature Wizard by selecting the Wizard Tools button in the Action Bar of a Contract Profile.  Users who have been assigned the Restrict To My Contracts role can also access the eSignature Wizard.
  • CON-7028 – Flow Step Name in Profile Matches Step Name in Flow Template.  In creating a flow template, the name that an Administrator assigns to a flow step now matches the name that displays in the Contract, Company, or Project Profile for that step.  In addition, the information that the Administrator provides in the Description field for the flow template step displays when the user hovers over the step in the profile.  Previously, the information in the Description field displayed as the step name in the profile.
  • CON-7153 – Labeling of Contract Responsibility List Item Components.  The three components used to create a contract responsibility list item have been labeled to assist Administrators in setting up the selections that are available when users add a responsibility to a Contract Profile. A contract responsibility ties together three components: Title assigned to each contract responsibility, the function(s) assigned to a person in Contracts, and the person's user type in Contracts (i.e., System User, Company Contact, Legal Entity Person, or External Participant).
  • CON-7291 – Rename Stage Option in Flow Template.  When Administrators change the name of a stage in a Contract, Company, or Project flow template, the prompt that displays now contains the original name of the stage, as confirmation that the correct stage name is being changed.  Previously, the New Stage Name field in the prompt was blank.
  • CON-1975 – Compare Revisions Enhancement.  Users can now compare two versions of a PDF file or an Excel spreadsheet that have been uploaded to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile using the Documents feature. Previously, only two versions of a MS Word document could be compared.  In addition, the new window that displays the comparison document allows users to search the document for key words or phrases, download the document, and upload attachments for the document.  The new window also offers additional display and navigation options.
  • CON-2484 – Contract Selection in Company Acquisition Wizard.  Users can now select the individual contracts they want to be moved to the Company Profile of an acquiring company when they run the Company Acquisition Wizard.  Previously, all contracts were moved when the wizard was run to reflect the acquisition of one company by another.
  • CON-3434 – Multi-Print Function Extended to Word and Excel Documents. Users can now select Word documents and Excel spreadsheets when using the Multi-Print function with the Documents and Global Documents features.
  • CON-5823 – Additional Fields in Attach Document Window for Company and Contract Messaging.  When users send an email message using the Messaging feature in a Contract or Company Profile, and they want to attach documents to their email message, they can quickly locate the documents they have uploaded to the profile since an Uploaded By column and an Uploaded On column have been added to the Attach Document window.  This window displays when a user selects the Attach Document button in the Messaging window in a Contract or Company Profile.
  • CON-6685 – Increased Clarity of Printer Icons.  The printer icons used in the buttons that designate the Preview, Print, and Multi-Print  MultiPrintButton.png functions have been updated to increase their clarity when a user hovers over, or selects, the button containing the icon.
  • CON-7495 – Quick Document Conversion. Users can now convert a document stored in a Contract Profile from MS Word to PDF, or from PDF to MS Word by simply clicking a Convert to PDF/Word toggle button in the Action Bar of the Document Profile screen.  
  • CON-6873 – Completed Flow Indicator is Static in Profile.  When a flow is completed in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, the flow no longer completely disappears from the Profile screen.  The stages in the flow now remain in the Profile screen to make it apparent that a flow has been run and completed. Users can display the completed steps in all the stages by simply clicking on any stage indicator.
  • CON-7076 – Notes for Approval Steps Added to Flow Activities Window.  When users add notes prior to approving or declining a step in a flow, these notes are now displayed in the Flow Activities window. The Flow Activities window is displayed by selecting the GearIcon.png icon in the flow, and then selecting the Show Activity Grid option in the drop-down menu.
  • CON-7127 – Skipped Steps Removed from Active Flow in Profile.  When a user selects the Override button for a step in a flow in a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, that step no longer displays as part of the flow in the profile.  However, the skipped step does appear in the Flow Activities window so that the step can be tracked.
  • CON-7303 – Error Message for Approval Flow Step with No Assignee.  An error message now displays for an Approval step in a contract flow if the step is assigned to a responsibility, and that responsibility has not been assigned to a program user in the Contract Profile.  The error message reads as follows:  ExclamationIcon.png This step is assigned to a responsibility that does not exist on this contract.
  • CON-3199 – Global Search Feature.  Users can now share a saved search query with other program users by simply designating the query as a global search.
  • CON-5739 – Option to Cancel Delivery of a Scheduled Report.  Users can now cancel the delivery of a scheduled report if the report contains no data by simply selecting the Do not send empty report check box in the Scheduled Report Edit screen. For example, if a monthly report is generated to show the new contracts that have been added and no new contracts were added in the past month, selecting this check box will cancel the delivery of the report for this month only.
  • CON-6387 – Redesigned Search Query Screens.  The program screens used in performing a Search Query have been updated to more clearly distinguish the processes of setting the criteria for the query and reviewing the results generated by the search.  The redesigned screens also promote the refining of search criteria until the desired results are produced before the search query is saved.
  • CON-6751 – Search Feature Extended to Contract Payments.  Users can now run a Search Query on the fields in the Payments, Payments Streams, and Payment Stream screens in a Contract Profile.
  • CON-6654 – Quantity and Price Table Updates for Mapping to Salesforce.  The Quantity and Price tables have been updated from whole numbers to whole numbers + two-digits in order to correctly map to their corresponding tables in Salesforce, which default to this format (e.g., $12,650.50 or 45.75 units).

Issues Resolved

  • CON-775 – Read Only User Can Edit Tasks. Users who have been assigned a Read Only role can no longer edit the tasks assigned by other users.
  • CON-1007 – Report Filter is Case-Sensitive.  When a user runs a report using the Report Wizard, and selects a filter that requires the user to input data (e.g., company name), the field is no longer case sensitive and the wizard will return results for both uppercase and lowercase entries.
  • CON-5974 – Reports Return Results in English Despite Global Translation Settings.  When a user runs a report in a language other than English (e.g., French or Spanish) after an Administrator has performed all the necessary global translations in the List Admin screen, the report no longer displays information in English.  Currently, the report correctly displays data in the selected language.
  • CON-6826 – Contract Archived During Contract Approval Process Displays Error.  Previously, when an approver began the contract approval process and opted to archive the contract created by the contract request, clicking on the Go To RightArrowIcon.png icon in the My Requests or the My Approvals screen generated a system error.  Currently, the icon is inactive when this situation arises.
  • CON-7062 – Creation Wizard Does Not Require Users to Answer Template Questions.  When a user runs the Creation Wizard and selects a template that requires user input to correctly create the contract, the user must once again select responses to the questions posed, or the wizard will not advance to the next step.
  • CON-7281 – Global Message Target Location Limited to New Page.  When Administrators add a link to a global message by selecting the LinkIcon.png icon in the Message Toolbar, they can only select New Page (new browser window) as the target location for displaying the web page.
  • CON-7419 – Contract à Task Report Generates Error if a Task Completed Filter is Applied. Users no longer receive an error message when they create a report using the following criteria: Select Contract as the primary entity and Tasks as the secondary entity, add the Task Completed field as one of the report fields, and then use this field as the filter by making the field either True or False.
  • CON-7449 – Cannot Approve a Resubmitted Contract Request When One Request Form Was Declined.  The Begin Approval Process PlusIcon.png icon once again displays in an approver’s My Approvals screen when a user resubmits a contract request for approval after the initial submission resulted in one of the forms in the request being declined.
  • CON-7454 – Custom Salesforce Field Mapped Prevents Processing of Contract Request.  When an Administrator adds a custom field to a Salesforce Opportunity screen, and then maps that field to a field, the contract requests made for any opportunities are now processed correctly.
  • CON-7456 – Reassigning a Contract Request Displays Error.  A user that has been designated as an approver for a contract request can once again assign this responsibility to another user in their My Approvals screen without receiving an error message. 
  • CON-7465 – Completed Flow Can Be Invalidated.  Users can no longer invalidate a flow that has been completed.
  • CON-7470 – Deleted Contract Request Type Displays as UUID in My Requests and My Approvals Screens.  When a user creates a contract request using a template that an Administrator later updates by deleting one of the request types, the Request Type filter in the My Requests and My Approvals screens correctly displays the request type, and not as its Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
  • CON-7471 – Copying a Project Removes its Creation Record from the History File.  Users can once again use the Copy Project feature to make a copy of an existing project without deleting the creation information for the existing project.
  • CON-7477 – Disposition of Contract Request Missing from Contract Detail in Salesforce Summary Screen.  The Request Disposition field once again displays in the Status section of the Summary screen that displays after a user creates a contract request in Salesforce. This field is used to house notes from the approver when he/she declines a contract request so that the requestor is aware of the reason their request was declined.