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Conga Support

Conga Contracts for Salesforce Release 1.59 - January 11, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • Contracts Setup Page enhancements
    • The page layout was restructured to prepare for additional features.
    • Help links were updated to open in a new tab and not in a dialog box.
  • True-up checks to see if a Quote Term already exists on the Quote with the language from the most recent revision so that the user is not prompted to save the same revision twice.

  • Comments on clauses in Microsoft Word documents are preserved when clauses are swapped using the clause playbook in Negotiate mode. The comment is preserve next to the inline text that was replaced.

  • Fonts are respected in documents with inserted text. If a Contracts user selects Negotiate, swaps a clause in a document with another clause from the clause playbook, and selects Save and Download, the new clause is inserted into the updated document in the font used in the document.

Issues Resolved

  • If you send a contract file that is more than 1 MB and the recipient sends the document back, the inbound email is logged and the file is updated as a new version.
  • When entering the View Redlines UI first open Negotiate Mode, then toggle to True-up Mode. The document versions being compared switch to first and last version when entering True-Up.
  • Fields that cannot be edited are not suggested in the Capture user interface. For example, previously, if you create a Doctype with the Contract object as the target object and highlight a date, the End Date field was returned as a suggestion. The End Date is a Salesforce formula field which by definition cannot be updated, and cannot be Trued-up. The popover window does not display non-editable fields in the capture popover, but suggestions are still returned for these fields.
  • Capture screen displays correctly in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. On the Capture Document Type page, the tree and document display frames no longer cut off and take up the full screen.
  • Highlighting email address in this document now appear to send suggestions. In the Mozilla Firefox browser, if a user is in a Tree View in True up mode and contains a large number of fields such that the fields extend below the page a user is viewing, the user is  able to scroll down to view the remaining fields. The scroll bar is no longer grayed out and usable. 
  • The Capture and View Redlines features in the user interface display correctly in Microsoft Internet Explorer.