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Conga Contracts for Salesforce Release 1.65.1 - March 28, 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • Alternate Clauses

    • You can add pre-approved alternate clauses to the clause library that are related to standard clauses. You can use the Clause Playbook to replace a standard clause with appropriate alternate clauses. Alternate clauses can be added to the clause library and associated with the standard clause. See Alternate Clauses for more information.

    • The Clause Playbook shows alternate clauses for the clause that you selected to negotiate and the priority order in which you can select alternate clauses. You do not need to search through the clause library to find the correct replacement clause.

    • When alternate clauses are not available in the Clause Playbook, you can replace the redlined clause with the original clause (standard clause) that was in the document before it was sent to another user or customer.

  • Save and Download option was updated.

    • The Save button now saves a new file version to Salesforce and then exits Negotiation Mode.

    • The Save & Download button saves a new file version and downloads a Microsoft Word document to your web browser and exit Negotiation Mode.

  • The Asia-Pacific region can be enabled for Conga Contracts for Salesforce. To connect the APAC regions, see Connection Contracts to EU and APAC databases.

  • You can capture rich text data. You can see data types and contract numbers. Document values and Salesforce values are displayed that can be edited.

Issues Resolved

  • Text highlighted in True Up mode maps to the  custom rich text field in Salesforce. The True Up pop over no longer stalls when you try to save changes.

  • Managed clauses are added to contracts when users who have Standard User profile and Redlining managed permission sets assign created clauses. If such a clause is created and added to a clause bundle, users can add the clause as a managed clause to a Contract record. 

  • When using Conga Composer, you merge a static document with no merge fields with a document that does contain merge fields, and you combine these into one output using the &AWD=1 parameter, Contracts recognizes any references to ADDINS in the document. The tree view reflects the changes. 

  • Errors no longer occur when you save changes in Capture mode. If you are in Capture mode and highlighting text like a header or a block of text and save the document type, an error no longer appears and the save successfully completes.