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Conga Support

Conga Contracts for Salesforce Release 1.99 - July 9, 2019


New Features and Enhancements

  • Clause Comparison UI Update
    • In View Redlines True-Up, there is a new clause comparison UI. The UI appears when truing-up managed clauses, managed sub-clauses, and rich text fields. The new UI displays the document value and Salesforce Value in the same window. Each section has its own scroll bar that can be used that scroll asynchronously. If the user's browser window is sized wide, the document value and Salesforce Value displays side by side. If the browser window is sized narrow, they display stacked on top of one another.
      Browser Window Size  
      Wide Browser Window
      • The section displays side by side.

      Narrow Browser Window

      • The section displays stacked.

  • Send for Negotiation Email Enhancement 
    • We removed the Additional Message input text area, and added an Email Message field with a rich text editor that allows you to enter a custom message if no email template is selected, or make edits to your previously selected email template. By default, the rich text editor is available for you to use. To disable this feature, go to Customs Settings. For more information, see Enable or Disable the Send for Negotiation Email Message Rich Text Editor.

Issues Resolved

  • There were bug fixes to Contracts for Salesforce redirects when the application is used by an internal Community user.
  • A new managed clause revision is no longer created when hitting the Salesforce Value in True-Up.
  • When attempting to to true up changes to a rich text field that contains numbers and bullets with sub-numbers or sub-bullets, the sub-numbers/bullets are no longer lost in the Document Value section of the popover.
  • In the popover for the rich text field for True-Up, the sub-bullets and sub-numbers now preserve their formatting. If you map the Document Value back to Salesforce, the formatting is preserved.
  • Nested numbered lists are no longer converted to bulleted lists when you True-Up.