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Conga Contracts v7.2 Release FAQs

Document Type Security
  • For document type security, is that set up using 'permissions' in Roles?  Document type security is set up using permissions tied to Roles.  You must enable Role- based security per document type for those document types to be available in the Roles section.  This action can be done under the Document Types section of List Admin.
  • Regarding document level security - if a user does not have security level to see a document, will they see it in the list of documents?  Or not at all. If a user does not have view access, will they not see the document in the list view.
  • Do I need to set security for all our users? What are the default security settings? The default security settings are off; you must first allow for role-based document type security in the Admin >> Lists >> Document Types section.Once you identify the document types that require security, you must define the permissions (view, create, and modify) for each user role.
  • Explain Document type list editable by users without permissions. If someone does not have permission to modify a document type, then they will not be allowed to change that document type.They will also not see the list of available Document Types.
Bulk Data Loader
  • Can the bulk data feature be used for contract records? It can.At this time you can create: Company, Contract, and Dynamic Form records.
  • Can the Bulk Data Loader template be shared with us? Each template is generated from each system, so all the templates should be tailored to each company.
  • Is the Bulk Data Loader creating a company and contract profile or one or the other? Using the Bulk Data Loader, you can create company and contract records.You can only create one object type at a time, though.In IE, you can only create companies with one spreadsheet and contracts with another.
  • How much information is required for bulk upload? You will need to enter the basic system required fields for now.
  • Does the Bulk Data Loader replace Advanced Reports? The Bulk Data Loader does not replace Advanced Reports.
  • Can the bulk upload feature be used to upload contract data from another data repository? Yes, you will need to export the data from another repository into Excel and from there you can import it into Contracts.
  • If you are bulk uploading contract profile data, would the entity be Contract and the Lookup would be the Company Number? The entity will be the contract profile Legal Entity.There is also a Company Name Lookup and Company Number Lookup and those columns need the Name and Number of the Company that the contracts will be imported to.
  • If we're bulk loading contract profile data, do the company profiles for those contracts already need to exist, or would the bulk uploader create company profiles for them? The company profiles will need to be created first before you use the Bulk Data Loader to import contracts.
  • Does bulk upload come with a help guide? Yes, and can be provided upon request.The guide will also be live on the support site.
  • What about uploading documents as part of bulk upload? This is on the roadmap, but we cannot do that in this first version of the Bulk Data Loader.
Single Use Forms
  • Can you view the Single Form in the One Click Report per Contract, and in the ALL Contracts Export to Excel? You can see single-use forms in the One Click Report.Since the Export to Excel feature in the Browse Contracts area only shows fields that are enabled in the grid, you will not see Single Use Form fields.
  • Is the main application for Single Use Forms bulk importing? The idea would be to export current dynamic form data and convert those into single-use forms.You could then use the data you exported to import into the new single-use forms.This will then allow you to report across all your single-use forms per contract profile.
  • Can only eSignature admins perform the Correct Package function that is coming out in 7.2? eSignature admins and members of the package can correct the form data.
  • Can you remove the document you uploaded for signature and replace it with a new one? If you are using DocuSign Native, you will be able to remove the document and replace it with a new one once 7.2 goes live on April 1st.
  • If a contract has already been signed by one party and the second signature needs to be changed, can you update that signatory and have the other signature remain on the document? Yes, this is indeed how that functionality would work. If signer 1 has signed and you correct the package after that, then the signature for signer 1 will still be on the document.
  • Does the eSignature package automatically get loaded back Contracts after the package is fully executed? Yes, if the option to Auto Complete eSignature packages is turned on in Admin >> System Settings >> Integration Settings >> eSignature; this option only applies to packages that start as eSignature packages and not Document Packages.
  • Can you attach documents for visibility to only some on package? There is DocuSign functionality that should allow this.You should be able to go into the Admin Settings of your DocuSign account and go to Sender Settings and look for Document Visibility (in the new UI).There are several options there that will limit document visibility.
  • Can you run a document through the Signature package twice...for example, run it through to capture approvals, and then run it through to capture signatures, without the final signers seeing the approval remarks? Yes, you can send a document through the eSignature process twice.There will be two totally different packages, so if those notes are not saved in the actual document, then the second group of signers would not see those notes.
  • If a contract has been signed by the customer and loaded, can an e-signature be added at that point? Yes, a signed document can go back through the eSignature process.
Reporting and Analytics
  • Is Flow data in Analytics Yes, flow data is in Analytics.
  • Is there a way to capture flow and workflow in one report so we can migrate? Yes, this can be done with Advanced Reports.I would recommend getting help from support before doing that.
  • Are canned reports available in Analytics today? Not yet, we are working on that currently.
  • How do I change the date field formats (DD/MM/YYYY... how can we format it to MM/DD/YYYY)? On the Data tab, you can click on the Column Formatting option at the top of the screen and then click into a date field.In there you will have the option to change your date format.
Support, Webinar, and Misc.
  • Are the webinars for the older releases available online? Yes, the December webinar can be found on our YouTube channel here:
  • Is the My Contracts Portlet available to end users if they have a requester only license? No, though we are looking at what information should be available for Request Only users; as of now though, the My Contracts portlet is available to any user that has access to the Dashboard.
  • Will we get full documentation of all changes that will be made in 7.2? Yes, please visit the below link for the latest:
  • Is the December webinar available on Conga U regarding Analytics? Yes, go to
  • When do you anticipate, canned analytics reports being available? As of right now, development is working on it, but I cannot supply a solid time frame.