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Conga Support

Conga Orchestrate Release March 2019 (Package Version 13.27+)

New Features and Enhancements  

  • The Approvals Lightning Component now displays the current status of the Approval Process in standard text. 
    • Example: If an Approval Task currently has the status set to Approved, the text in the Approvals Lightning Component displays This Step is Approved. If all Approval Items in a Step are complete, the Lightning Component displays All Approval Items are complete.
  • Status management can be turned off for Process Objects. 
    • When selected, the Status field of the process object will not be managed by Conga Orchestrate. By default, Orchestrate will set the Status field to Completed when all steps in a process are complete
  • The Step Assignee Type Role is re-named to Team Member Role to emphasize the relationship to the Team Member object. 

Issues Resolved  

  • Stages with an Child Steps that are created upon reevaluation of an Update Record Step successfully create the Child Step as expected. 
  • Activity Tracking is now available on all new and existing Process Objects.
  • Related open Tasks are successfully completed or canceled when a user clicks the Close Business Process and Steps button on a Business Process record and the Business Process status updates accordingly. 
  • The Options section in the Send Email Step displays all fields if the Ignore in Stage Completion checkbox field is checked. 
  • Go Back Stage calculation now works correctly. 
  • Duplicate managed clauses/steps are no longer repeated when the process object changes and re-evaluates. 
  • Looping back to a stage now only creates all top level steps instead of creating all top level and child steps.
  • You no longer see the reevaluate option from step edit screen if a parent step or parent stage exists.
  • You no longer receive a non-selective query on user object error.
  • Field Update now stores the Business Process Business_Account__c relationship correctly.
  • You no longer receive a SOQL query error for the Reevaluate_When__c on Event Placeholder.
  • You no longer receive a SOQL query error for the Business_Process__c.Name on Event Placeholder