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Conga Orchestrate Release 13 - December 2018



New Features and Enhancements

  • ProcessComposer was renamed to Conga Orchestrate, and the new name is changed throughout the application. For more information on the name change, see Our Product Names Have Changed. You must manually relabel the application name and change the logo in your org.  
  • Step Type Renaming: Webservice Callout is re-labeled to API Callout. Field Update is re-labeled to Update Records.
  • Step Field Dependencies have been renamed to Step Creation Conditions.
  • Step Creation Conditions
    • More Levels -  You can drill up additional levels to related records (lookup or master-detail relationships) as well as drill down (child relationships) in your step Creation Conditions.
    • Custom Filter Logic - Creation Conditions now include custom filter logic. 
    • Re-Evaluation - You can provide the ability for a top-level step - one with no parent - to reevaluate step creation conditions on changes in the process object record, rather than when the record first matches the Definition and begins running a process.
      • For example, Conga Contracts for Salesforce users are able to add Managed Clauses (configured as steps) as the contract is negotiated, rather than only when it is created. When the 'Deletable' option is chosen, Managed Clauses that no longer match the creation conditions are removed automatically. 
  • Step Updates
    • On Create Record steps, we've added a new "Status Managed By" picklist which includes Status field (default), Approvals, Checklists and a new option: Create Record Only. Previously, Approvals and Checklists had their own checkboxes and if neither was checked "Status Field" was used by default.
  • Definition updates
    • The Definition page is rearranged to better organize fields and to handle new Status Options.
    • Optional Status Options for Process Object status propagation. This allows you to specify that, when the status on the process object is set to X, all steps are set to Y.
  • Generate Document steps updates
  • Setup and Configuration updates
    • The Conga Orchestrate Setup page now displays with a tabbed view. The PCE-Settings page has been removed.
    • When using custom objects as process objects and steps, you can now choose to utilize existing fields. For example, specify an existing Parent Object Lookup field, Subject field, Status field, etc., if the custom object already has similar fields that exist. A new tab on the Conga Orchestrate Setup page allows you to Create, Edit, and Delete custom object field mappings.
  • At any point in a Definition, on Create Record steps Conga Orchestrate gives you the option to loop, or go back to a prior step or stage, when specific conditions are met. This was previously available only when managing the status of the step with approval steps when a rejection action is taken.
  • A new step type: Post to Chatter. Create a template with static text and custom merge fields. 
  • For Conga Contracts for Salesforce users, when Managed Clauses are configured as a process object or a custom step object, they will behave as if users had used the Select Clause or Clause Bundle features, linking to the most recent Clause Revision and adding any related Sub-Clauses. 
  • New Lightning Component for viewing all process-related Orchestrate approvals at the Process Object level, rather than on each individual step. Available in Lightning only.


Issues Resolved

  • Field updates now work correctly when parent steps are created with a Completed status.
  • Business Process Status changes to Completed when a delayed email alert step is the last step in the process.
  • Field Update correctly displays lookup fields.
  • A stage does not move forward if one of the approval steps is 'Rejected' (even though it is closed).
  • You can create multiple Definitions with no criteria if the objects on the Definitions only have a Master record type.
  • Email Alerts now send if the Email Recipient is from the Related Contact fields list.
  • When an approval item is updated from a task layout, the task status refreshes automatically.
  • You can add Case or Custom Objects as approval objects.
  • The Definition Visual updates correctly when using the Custom Lookup Field on a Task. 
  • Field Updates now work correctly with Custom Lookup.
  • Send Email with Salesforce Email Templates no longer results in an error when you send to the recipient only.
  • Managed Clauses configured with a Sort Order no longer result in an error when creating the steps.
  • When an active approval task is on a process object, only System Administrators and Approvers of any active approval tasks can edit the process object.
  • Top level Send Email steps are now working.
  • Error messages in Lightning no longer redirect to the Picklist Value Sets section in Setup.

For more information about the Conga Orchestrate 2018.2 Release, see the Conga Orchestrate 2018.2 Release Webinar.