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Conga Sign Release 1.16 - May 13, 2018



New features and enhancements

  • Customer logos can be added to the Conga Sign user interface. You can upload your own Company logo, that replaces the Conga logo in the signing experience.  To learn more, see Customizing logos.
  • The Conga Sign Setup tab was updated to incorporate Salesforce Lightning components.

  • Customized emails

    • You can customize and brand your company email templates to provide a professional business experience to the recipients. To learn more, see Customizing emails.

    • Additional details were added to the Sent Email body so your users can more easily identify and confirm information associated with the transaction. The email body is defined. The document name is bolded and includes a list of recipients to whom the transaction email is sent.

    • Both the original Signer and Requester receive Re-assigned Requester email notifications. Error messages were updated to explain to users who attempt to re-assign Signer after previous successful re-assignment. The error message says: This document has already been re-assigned to a new Signer. Each Signer can only re-assign to a new Signer once.

  • All tags in a document are present. When a tag is placed in the document, the tag is outlined in red and has the text of the field name application. To learn more, see Using Conga tags.

  • You can view the Conga Sign transactions that only you created. The transaction owner is changed to the creator, not the administrator account. When users create their transaction views, each user only sees transactions that they created based on the owner filter.

Issues Resolved

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 issue - In Conga Sign Setup, in the Email Configuration tab, the default Message might show null text. To resolve this, clear or replace the text and save your changes.

  • Canceled template text is used when you cancel a message in the user interface.

  •  Text appears correctly when you add a contact with a name that includes an apostrophe.

  • The requester and any recipients all receive email cancelation notifications.

  • When you try to add more than 10 recipients, an error message explains that the attempt to add another recipient is not allowed.

  • Signing invitations appear with correct text spacing in email inboxes such as Google Gmail and Microsoft Outlook.

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