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Conga Support

Conga Sign Release 1.17 - June 2, 2018



New features and enhancements

  • You can configure the "send from" address to look more like an address that is sent from your organization.

    • You can configure the address on the Setup section to default the text that populates in the "From" field in all of the Conga Sign email templates.

    • Today the current From field populates as "User Name via Conga Sign <>".

    • The sender line "Sender Name via Conga Sign" is a configurable field where the value you use inputs overrides the default text. For example, the field can be changed to "Blue Cube" and the From field reads "Blue Cube <>".

  • You can use a calendar widget to set an expiration or reminder date. On the Conga Sign Transaction window and set a expiration or reminder date through the calendar widget for transactions.

Issues Resolved

  • If you use Salesforce Classic or Lightning, the Download Original Version section displays the original version with its tags.

  • If the requester's username has high ASCII or Unicode characters, for example Latin vowels, the from field renders properly in Microsoft Outlook and other email programs.

  • At the beginning of the final document rendition process, Conga Sign checks if the final document was previously rendered to prevent multiple messages for the same document being processed.

  • European Union users can use full names into the initials field which process successfully and syncs to Salesforce.

  • The email field in the tagging interface is read only. Email addresses should not be changed because they are the key form of identification for transactions.