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Conga Support

Contracts Release 1.39 - May 24, 2017

Issues Resolved

  • You can set a permission that allows the administrator to establish a connection.

  • The correct namespace values are being applied to fix dynamic labels with the True-up functionality.

  • You cannot use the setup worker on the D&B Companies object in Salesforce.

  • The setup worker no longer prepends object names to created field custom settings.

  • Modifications to True-Up methods and objects, such as Delivery Method, Payment Terms and various additions and subtractions of text in the Terms object are supported.

  • True-Up buttons do not disappear when you resize the View Redlines window.

  • Users without sufficient access can not automatically reconnect to Conga Contracts from the Setup page. 

  • The automatic configuration wizard starts at the first screen each time the wizard starts.

  • If you do not have access to the foreign key field on the managed clause object, you see the following error message: You do not have access to the the lookup field on the Managed Clause object.

  • The Configurator does not fail when object lists are initialized.

  • Logic was added to identify context for redlines to minimize the appearance of jumbled characters.

  • Repeat functionality is limited to 1000 items with Apex.

  • If a long text field is merged into a document by Conga Composer, line breaks in the long text field are not lost and paragraphs can be retained when you use True-Up on the document.

  • OAuth connection no longer unexpectedly expires.

  • Bookends that contain a text box can be merged when you use True-up on a document.

  • The True-Up button no longer disappears when resizing the View Redlines window.