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Conga Support

Contracts Release 1.43 - June 21, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • The Setup worker cannot manage D&B Companies objects. D&B Companies have alternate field requirements in Salesforce that cannot be supported in Contracts. 

  • Test classes check accessibility functionality. The apxt_tst_selectClauseOrder class has a gate to ensure managed clauses are configured for contracts before any tests are run.

  • The number of actions and dependencies in the setup worker are easier to manage. The Setup worker was updated to make actions more modular.

  • Tags cannot be removed in Microsoft content controls by user when a document is being negotiated. 

  • Dynamic labels in True-Up use correct namespaces.

  • The Configurator no longer fails to initialize object lists. The Configurator populates the object lists correctly when objects are selected in the run setup option.

  • A new method was created for detecting data to True-up if bookends are missing or corrupted.

Issues Resolved

  • The create reports and dashboards functionality that exists on the Setup page can create reports containing fields that might not exist in an org.

  • Package installation are successful when you install on an org with Platform Encryption enabled.

  • Automatic configuration functionality resets when the wizard closes.

  • The Setup page allows users with insufficient access to reconnect to Contracts.

  • Bookends that contain textbox: mergetag True-up.

  • The True-Up button no longer disappears when you resize the View Redlines screen.

  • Setup worker prepends object name to when created field custom settings. 

    The Setup worker creates custom settings for primary documents on opportunities and SBQQ_Quote__c objects. The prepended object name from the value was removed.