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Conga Support

Contracts Release 1.56 - September 20, 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • Capture mode
    • In Conga Contracts, you can send a CPQ generated document for negotiation and use True-up to add the data within the document that is redlined (lines in the document that were changed). The Capture feature adds your CPQ document updates to Salesforce. 
  •  Clause Playbook
    • You can store alternate versions of commonly negotiated clauses in the clause library so that your front-line sales representatives can negotiate documents with your own clients using pre-approves legal language. If your client proposes a change to a clause for which alternatives to that clause exist in the library. You can swap the existing clause in the document with another clause from the library and keep the negotiation progressing without needing the involvement of other teams, like your legal term.
  •  Third Party Contracts
    • You might negotiate contracts on your customer's documents and need to reconcile the contract terms to Salesforce. These third-party documents can be stored in Salesforce and Conga Contracts. You can identify clauses in third-party contracts and save them to your contract lifecycle management (CLM) system to track non-standard clauses in agreements. You can identify terms in third-party documents that you track in your Salesforce org and update Salesforce fields like Payment Terms or Expiration Date using True-up throughout the negotiation process.
  • Redlining and True-up features
    • You can view redlines (edits from the last version underlined in red in a document) and True-up the relevant updates in a document so that you understand where updates were made and add the relevant updates to Salesforce. You can view all of the merged Salesforce data in the document being negotiated and see what data is in-sync with Salesforce and what data is not. This way, you can ensure all of your updates went through the True-up process successfully.
  • True-up Suggestive Service
    • If you are negotiating a Composer document where data tags have been compromised and the document analyzer cannot present modified fields to the True-up interface with 100% certainty, the document analyzer presents suggested data fields that can be selected to be True-up. You do not need to manually select text in the document.
  • Document Types
    • What is a Document Type or DocType and why care? Document types or DocTypes can be described as metadata or bookends that label a piece of content to be stored in Salesforce once you True-up a document in Conga Contracts.
  • Rich text fields are supported in the clause library.

Issues Resolved

  • Clauses display in Select Clauses column. On the Select and Order Bundle Clauses page, clauses that are saved to the Clause Bundle display in the Selected Clauses column.
  • Content controls no longer fail when returning values for hash codes. Content controls shown in the Tree View find the correct value with the search service.