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Conga Support

Contracts Release 1.57 - November 1, 2017

All items listed are subject to change on or after the release date


Issues Resolved

  • The "unable to connect to server" error was fixed. Errors occurred when Salesforce reset the connection to Conga Contracts to refresh the authorization token.

  • Update Salesforce validation was updated to eliminate errors related to SOQL queries. 

  • You no longer see a collection size error if you try to use the send for negotiation button and there are more than 1000 email templates to display in the email template drop-down list. 

  • True-Up no longer loops when a process completes. The True-Up process no longer loops through fields after each field has been Trued-Up.

  • Selecting text in capture mode that spans more than one page no longer includes the header and footer values.

  • Articles appear properly in a pop-up window on the Setup page when you click the "Tell Me More" link in Salesforce Lightning.

  • When selecting paragraphs of text, the Document Popover user interface no longer appears offscreen when the vertical center of the selection is offscreen.

  • When capturing a Clause that spans across multiple pages, you no longer receive an "Unable to Reach Server" error. 

  • True-Up functions properly when Lineitemschedule fields are included in a document.

  • Managed clauses are updated when swapping clauses in Negotiate mode. When you select Save and Download, the document is downloaded and contains the swapped clause from the clause playbook and the managed clause is updated.

  • Each document version displays correctly after the negotiation screen is refreshed. 

  • Nested bookends return Clauses and nested fields from the Extract service in Conga Composer. You can create a document with merge fields within clauses through Composer, and True-Up the clause text as a Managed Clause Revision on your master record, as well as the merge field within that clause.

  • Nested merge fields that do not exist outside the main field no longer lose tags after a merge. The nested fields can still be edited on the document and appear on View Redlines page. The nested merge fields are captured in True-Up mode and tags identify the content as merge fields.

  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of Conga Contracts, you see the following error when you try to True-Up a Managed Clause to a null value: Something bad happened, Latest Revision Text: Clause text is required. For more information, see Validation null value error.