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Courier Major Release: July 6, 2016

New Features and Enhancements

  • Migrated to AWS servers.
    • An investment we made on behalf of our customers for a more stable, faster, scalable environment.
  • New search bar in the Select Reports UI.
    • We now only load the reports you ask for saving APIs.
  • Gathering reports from the Salesforce API efficiently, saving customer Orgs thousands of API calls.
  • Note on Courier Stability: we recognize that there was a disruption in Courier service that our customers experienced in June. Below is what caused the event:
    • Salesforce disabled a servlet that allowed Courier report access in their latest release.  This was done to a number of servlet’s as part of increased security from Salesforce that disabled access to Courier reporting.  We have now resolved and whitelisted the Courier application allowing us to pull APIs at the application level vs. through APIs allowing access customers did not have access to before.
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