Adding File Templates

About the File Templates screen.

In Conga Composer, you create file templates that auto-populate with Salesforce® data when running the solution. You have to configure these templates with the correct merge fields in order for them to populate correctly. For more in depth information on templates, refer to the template guides for each template type: Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft PowerPoint®,Adobe PDF® Forms, and HTML email.

About the File Templates Screen

1 A list of all templates available to add to your solution.
2 Click Return to Solution Record to close the Add Templates screen and return to the solution record.
3 Click Add Conga Template to Solution Record to add a selected template to the solution.
4 Once you select a template, the Template Name field auto-populates.
5 Once you select a template, the Template ID field auto-populates.
6 If the TemplateGroup parameter has been added to this Solution, the values of the TemplateGroup are shown here and only Conga® Templates that match those values will appear in the table.

The Template Group parameter must be added to your button for this functionality to work.

7 Click Create New Conga Template Record to open the Conga Template Manager in a new window.
8 All templates that have been added to the solution display under Selected Templates.