Profile Permissions Needed to Use Composer

This article reviews the levels of access and permissions required for a Conga Composer user to successfully run solutions.

Ensure profile permissions are set to use Composer.

To ensure your profile permissions are set correctly:

  1. When installing Conga Composer from the AppExchange, select Install for All Users. If you did not initially install Composer for all users, you will need to modify the field level security for each field on the custom Conga Objects.
  2. To edit Profile permissions, navigate to Setup → Manage Users → Profiles
Tip: We recommend cloning the Standard User Profile and using that as the Profile you customize and assign to your Composer users.
  1. For every Profile that runs Composer:
    • Minimum of Read Access to all custom Conga Objects (Conga Email Templates, Conga Global Merges, Conga Queries, Conga Solutions, Conga Solution Email Templates).
    • Minimum of Read Access to ALL Objects and Fields included in the merge templates (keep in mind the most restrictive settings apply, so if a user has visibility to a field but not the Object, they will not be able to merge data from that field).

      Create permissions to the Documents Object are needed if the user is going to utilize email functionality in Composer.

    • Check API Enabled under Administrative Permissions.
    • Check Run Reports and Export Reports (if you are using reports with your Composer solutions) and also ensure the report folders that contain your Composer reports are shared with end users.
    • Configure Composer as a Connected App for any Profiles that will use the OAuth button (this is required to use Conga Composer in the Salesforce Lightning interface).
    • If you save output data to chatter, update System Settings to check Moderate Chatter.
      Note: To use Composer OAuth buttons, users must have the APXTConga4.Conga_Composer Visualforce page added in their profile's Enabled Visualforce Page Access section. If this is not included, users receive an Insufficient Privileges error.
    • Enable Custom Metadata Type Access
      • Composer
        • APXTConga4.Composer Setting
        • APXTConga4.Conga Solution Export Environment
        • APXTConga4.Conga Solution Export Setting
        • APXTConga4.Connected App Setting
      • Batch (if Conga Batch is installed)
        • APXT_BPM.Conductor Region
        • APXT_BPM.Conductor Setting
      • Trigger (if Conga Trigger is installed)
        • CongaWorkflow.Workflow Region
        • CongaWorkflow.Workflow Setting
  2. Navigate to Setup → Security Controls → Session Settings and ensure that Lock sessions to the IP address from which they orginated is not enabled.

For more detailed information about setting up Profile permissions for the Standard and Enhanced View, see the following:

Composer Profile Permissions Standard View

Composer Profile Permissions Enhanced View

When you are ready to start building solutions, see Composer Basics.

Tip: You can use the PermComparator tool to troubleshoot differences between Salesforce profiles.