Orchestrate Product Guide

Overview of Conga Orchestrate.

Overview of Conga Orchestrate

Conga Orchestrate Technical Requirements

Introduction to Conga Orchestrate

Introduction to Conga Orchestrate Screens in Salesforce

Installation and Setup

Basic Setup

Process Configuration Introduction

Process Definitions

  1. Process Objects
  2. Creating a Process Definition
  3. Adding Criteria to a Process Definition
  4. Process Stages
  5. Importing and Exporting Definitions
  6. Process Steps
  7. Creating a Step that Creates a Record
  8. Creating a Step that Sends an Email
  9. Creating a Step with an Event Placeholder
  10. Creating a Step with a Record Update
  11. Creating a Step that Generates a Document
  12. Creating a Step with an API Callout

    Running Process

  13. Manually Initiate a Process
  14. Automatically Initiate a Process
  15. Recurring Business Processes Overview