Fall ‘19 Release Guide

The Conga Fall ‘19 Product Release delivers innovative new features to help our customers manage documents and contracts smarter and faster.

Conga release schedule is four times a year coinciding with summer, fall, winter, and spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This document is provided for planning purposes and the contents of the final release package is subject to change at Conga’s discretion.


The Conga Fall ‘19 Product Release delivers innovative new features to help our customers manage documents and contracts smarter and faster.

  • Who & When: All customers will receive product updates on December 4th, 2019; update preview begins November 5th, 2019
  • What: The updates customers receive will be based on their current package of Conga products

Note: we do not expect downtime of our Conga applications during rollout.

Engaging Documents

Conga Composer is your solution for creating and delivering professional documents using data from Salesforce.

  • Feature updates coming soon.

Effortless Sign

Conga Sign is your solution for modern electronic signature built for Salesforce.

  • Signer Languages - Doing business globally has never been easier thanks to signer languages in Conga Sign. Allow automated emails and in-platform signing instructions to be sent in the signer’s preferred language of French or German, instead of the default English.

The sender can select a language at the time of sending a document to the signer, or the signer can select once in-platform. By December 2019, signer language will also be available for Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Intelligent Contracts

Conga Contracts is your true end-to-end CLM solution for contract drafting, approvals, and reporting.

  • Search Enhancements - Users now have access to a sleek, modern search interface — deepening search capabilities within the system.

  • Conga Sign Reminders - Users with Conga Sign now have the ability to receive automatic reminders on the status of their eSignature package. Quicker signatures, decreased manual effort, and a better experience when using Conga Sign.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce is your sales team’s solution for contract management.

  • New Contracting Objects - Conga's best practice for implementing Contracts for Salesforce on the "Contract Agreement" provides a streamlined way to implement and expand functionality in the future. Users now have access to select the appropriate “Legal Entity” for the company they are working with. The “Contract Responsibility” object will allow the contract manager to create a unique contract team.

AI Analyze provides actionable insights into risks, obligations and milestones.

  • Analyze PDFs with OCR - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for PDF documents is now available for AI Analyze. This feature delivers effortless document scanning — eliminating manual Word (.doc, .docx) conversions.


Conga Grid is your solution to manage and update Salesforce data easily all from a single screen.

  • Improved View Administration - Have greater control over what you see with improved view controls for your Grids. Administrators can control who can set default view capabilities, leverage added field text wrapping capabilities and fuzzy search capabilities, and now set Add and Save Buttons independently.

Conga Orchestrate allows you to easily visualize and create efficient, orchestrated workflows.

  • Robotic Process Automation Steps - Save human resources for your most meaningful work by incorporating a bot in your Conga Orchestrate flow. By leveraging a new integration between Conga Orchestrate and robotic process automation (RPA) provider UiPath, you can leverage a new step type which allows you to use UiPath robots to automate tedious repetitive and manual work.

  • Checklist Enhancements - Now you can understand all outstanding checklist items in a process with a quick process-record level view.

  • Reduced Installation Footprint - Administrators may now select which objects and fields they would like to leverage when installing Conga Orchestrate.

Where to Learn More

  • Review this Product Release Guide for a high-level overview and description of new features and enhancements to the Conga Digital Document Transformation Suite.

  • Sign up to receive Conga product release emails.

  • Look for an email directing you to our latest videos reviewing the benefits of our new features and how to use them

NOTE: Whenever possible, Conga endeavors to communicate key changes to the application prior to the major product releases.

How and When Do Features Become Available

Important: Conga may choose to release new features into sandbox environments for a preview period prior to the release.

Not all features are made available to customers when a feature goes live. Some features require direct action by administrators before the feature is available to use in your production environment.

  • November 5, 2019 - Sandbox preview access begins for customers (based on product package - not available for all customers)

  • November 20, 2019 - Videos that highlight what’s new across the portfolio

  • December 4, 2019 - All Fall ‘19 product releases available, mark your calendars

NOTE: Some products and features are supported only in certain purchased products and plans. Your account might not support some options described in these Release Notes. For more information about your current purchased plan contact your Customer Success Manager or Territory Manager