June 2020 Release Guide

The June 2020 Preview Period Release Guide

Conga release schedule occurs four times a year. This document is provided for planning purposes and the contents of the final release package is subject to change at Conga’s discretion. Whenever possible, Conga endeavors to communicate key changes to the application prior to the major product releases.


We’re making our suite better together before, during and beyond unusual times like Covid-19.

Welcome to Conga’s June 2020 features release where we help our customers manage documents, contracts, sign and analyze information throughout their organization to accelerate business.

  • Key Release Dates

    • May 19, 2020: Preview Period begins

    • June 17, 2020: General Availability for all product features

Release Resources

Note: The features customers receive are based on their current package of Conga products; sandbox preview is not available for all products. We do not expect downtime during the features rollout.

Engaging Documents

Create, track, and manage on-brand documents automatically with Conga Composer and Collaborate.

  • Conga Keys - Conga Keys increases ease for admins and developers to deploy Composer buttons between orgs without needing to manually update them by removing the Salesforce Record ID dependency. This reduces deployment errors and makes continuous integration between orgs seamless. For more information, see Conga Keys.

  • Query Optimization - Conga Queries have improved performance in Composer solutions, resulting in faster load times and less API calls.

  • In-App Product Notifications - Composer features new in-app notifications to seamlessly inform customers of new features and functionality.

  • Composer Advanced Features
    • Document notifications - Receive email notifications and immediate insight to accelerate sales cycles and business processes (requires updated order form). For more information, see Notification Emails.

    • Document tracking & reporting - Accelerate deal opportunities with better pipeline engagement for consistent, recurring prospect and customer conversations (requires updated order form).

    • Send via link - Attachment sizes for outbound/inbound emails are no longer a concern, as Composer maximum file size of 40MB can now easily be delivered via unique URL (requires updated order form). For more information, see Composer Link Service.

    • For more information on Composer Advanced Features, see Composer Advanced Features.

  • Parallel Page Processing - Conga Collaborate now synchronously generates multiple pages of a Collaborate document at once to increase document generation performance and reduce the overall amount of time taken to generate a document.

Effortless Sign

From installation to signing in less than five minutes, Conga Sign is the built-for-Salesforce provider that makes it simple to configure a data-driven eSignature solution.

  • Composer Integration Parameters - New Composer parameters are available to enhance and customize Conga Sign-integrated Composer solutions with designated recipient languages, SMS authentication, and In-Person Signing functionality. For more information, see Conga Sign Integration Parameters.

  • Sender Reassign - Easily modify and reassign recipients in an in-progress Conga Sign Transaction, without having to restart or cancel the transaction. For more information, see Reassigning Signers from Salesforce.

  • Cancel Transactions in Bulk - Leverage Apex code in custom Salesforce solutions to cancel many Conga Transactions at once. For information, see Cancel Conga Sign Transactions in Bulk.

Intelligent Contracts

Conga Contracts is your true end-to-end CLM solution for contract drafting, approval, and reporting.

  • Dynamic Logos - Instead of using the default company branded logo at the top left of your Conga Contracts application, you can upload invidual logos to an individual Company Profile. These logos display in all outbound emails associated with that specific Legal Entity. For more information, see Adding a Dynamic Logo to a Company Profile.

  • API External Data Fields - API External Data Fields are new robust system fields that allow you to easily submit requests with special data from external databases. For more information, see API External Data Fields Overview.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce is your sales team’s solution for contract management.

  • Clause Approvals - Clause Level Approvals for Conga Contracts for Salesforce gives you the ability to create an approval request process where you can assign approvers and create approval steps at the clause level. After your approval requests are completed, you can also easily keep track of them and view all changes using the Approval Requests and View History records related lists. For more information, see Clause Level Approvals Overview.

AI Analyze provides actionable insights into risks, obligations, and milestones.

  • Bulk Upload - You can now upload and manage your documents in bulk within the Conga AI Analyze Analysis Queue. For more information, see Conga AI Analyze Bulk Upload Overview.

  • Custom Clause Types - You can now create Custom Clause types for your Blueprints in the new Clause Management section of AI Analyze. For more information, see Clause Management Overview.


With an Excel-like feel, Conga Grid makes it simple to manage and monitor your Salesforce data across record and object types to increase adoption, productivity, and accuracy.

  • Lightning Components in the Reading Pane - Use custom or managed Lightning Components in a Conga Grid's Reading Pane to provide users access to all the tools and data they need in one spot.

The digital process automation tool built for Salesforce, focus on the business instead of the work with automated and long-running task and approval processes in Conga Orchestrate’s no-code environment.

  • Create from LucidChart - Upload existing LucidChart diagrams into Conga Orchestrate to transform them into robust processes in Salesforce. For more information, see Lucidchart Integration with Conga Orchestrate.

  • RPA Step Type - Save human resources for your most meaningful work by incorporating a bot in your Conga Orchestrate flow. By leveraging a new integration between Conga Orchestrate and robotic process automation (RPA) provider UiPath, you can launch or receive tasks from bots to alleviate tedious repetitive work. For more information, see Creating a Step with Robotic Process Automation.
  • Scaling Enhancements and Reduced Footprint - Conga Orchestrate provides a reduced footprint in Salesforce orgs by reducing the amount of required fields on process objects. For more information, see Conga Orchestrate Scaling Enhancements.

How and When Do Features Become Available

Important: Conga may choose to release new features into sandbox environments for a preview period prior to the release. Not all features are made available to customers when a feature goes live. Some features require direct action by administrators before the feature is available to use in your production environment.
  • May 14, 2020 - Save-the-dates notice provided for customers

  • May 19, 2020 - Sandbox preview access begins for customers (based on product package - not available for all customers)

  • June 2, 2020 - Release center videos that highlight what's new across the portfolio

  • June 17, 2020 - All June product features available

Note: Some products and features are supported only in certain purchased products and plans. Your account might not support some options described in this Release Guide. For more information about your current product package contact your Conga representative .