June 2020 Release Notes

June 2020 Release Notes

The following are release notes for the June 2020 release.


Release Resources

Conga Composer

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  • Conga Keys
    • Conga Keys leverages Salesforce external Ids on Conga Templates, Conga Email Templates and Conga Queries to provide a more seamless experience when migrating and deploying Conga Solutions from org to org. This feature eliminates the hassle of updating the individual record Ids for Conga Templates, Conga Email Templates, and Conga Queries during solution migrations. For more information, see Conga Keys.
  • Query Optimization
    • Conga Queries have improved performance in Composer solutions. All queries in a solution are now gathered simultaneously in one SOQL query call, as opposed to being gathered one at a time in sequential order. This results in less API calls and faster load time for Composer solutions with more than one Conga Query.
  • In-App Product Notifications
    • Composer features new in-app notifications to seamlessly inform customers of new features and functionality.
  • Composer Advanced Features
    • Generate and send documents in an email with Composer Link Service. Recipients can easily view and download files sent with Composer Link Service.
    • Receive insightful Notification Emails to inform Composer users when recipients interact with documents sent with Composer Link Service.
    • For more information, see Composer Advanced Features.

Conga Collaborate

  • Submit a ticket to start the activation process
  • Parallel Page Processing
    • Conga Collaborate now synchronously generates multiple pages of a Collaborate document at once to increase document generation performance and reduce the overall amount of time taken to generate a document.

Conga Contracts

  • Features are updated for all users immediately after the release goes live, June 17, 2020
  • Dynamic Logos
    • Instead of using the default company branded logo at the top left of your Conga Contracts application, you can upload invidual logos to an individual Company Profile. These logos display in all outbound emails associated with that specific Legal Entity.
    • For more information, see Adding a Dynamic Logo to a Company Profile.
  • API External Data Fields
    • API External Data Fields are new robust system fields that allow you to easily submit requests with special data from external databases.
    • For more information, see API External Data Fields Overview.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

  • Features are updated for all users immediately after the release goes live, June 17, 2020
  • Clause Approvals
    • Clause Level Approvals for Conga Contracts for Salesforce gives you the ability to create an approval request process where you can assign approvers and create approval steps at the clause level. After your approval requests are completed, you can also easily keep track of them and view all changes using the Approval Requests and View History records related lists.
    • For more information, see Clause Level Approvals Overview.

Conga Sign

  • Features are updated for all users immediately after the release goes live, June 17, 2020
  • New Conga Sign Integration parameters provide additional functionality, including SMS Authentication and assigning recipients a specific supported language in a Conga Sign Transaction, to further customize Conga Sign-integrated Composer solutions.
    • The CSLang[1-10] parameter allows you to specify the language that a recipient completes a Conga Sign transaction in.
    • The CSAuth[1-10] parameter determines the authentication type for a recipient in a Conga Sign transaction.
  • Reassign signers in a Conga Sign Transaction from Salesforce.
    • Conga Sign users can easily reassign a signer from the Conga Sign Recipient record in Salesforce. Both Conga Sign users in Salesforce and recipients now have the capability to reassign signing responsibilities to a different contact. For more information reassigning signers and configuration, see Reassigning Signers from Salesforce and Reassigning Signers as a Recipient.
  • Cancel Conga Sign Transactions in bulk.
    • Administrators can leverage new Apex code in custom Salesforce solutions, such as Flows and Process Builders, to cancel Conga Sign Transactions in bulk. For more information and examples on canceling Conga Sign Transactions in bulk, see Cancel Conga Sign Transaction in Bulk.

Conga Grid

  • Features are updated for all users immediately after the release goes live, June 17, 2020
  • Lightning Components in the Reading Pane
    • Use custom or managed Lightning Components in a Conga Grid's Reading Pane to provide users access to all the tools and data they need in one spot.

Conga Orchestrate

  • Features are updated for all users immediately after the release goes live, June 17, 2020
  • Robotic Process Automation with UiPath
  • Create Definitions from LucidChart Diagrams
    • The Definition list view user interface features a new Create from LucidChart button that provides users the ability to import and automatically translate LucidChart diagrams into a Process Definition.
    • After importing the LucidChart data, users can run the Process Definition with Conga Orchestrate.
    • For more information on LucidChart integration, see LucidChart Integration with Conga Orchestrate.
  • Scaling Enhancements

Conga AI Analyze

  • Features are updated for all users immediately after the release goes live, June 17, 2020
  • Bulk Upload
  • Custom Clause Types
    • You can now create Custom Clause types for your Blueprints in the new Clause Management section of AI Analyze.
    • For more information, see Clause Management Overview.