March 2020 Release Notes

March 2020 Release Notes

The following are release notes for the March 3, 2020 release.


Conga Composer

  • Composer Advanced Features
    • Generate and send documents in an email with Composer Link Service. Recipients can easily view and download files sent with Composer Link Service.
    • Receive insightful Notification Emails to inform Composer users when recipients interact with documents sent with Composer Link Service.
    • For more information, see Composer Advanced Features.
  • Conga Composer features a new Setup Menu on the Conga Composer Setup tab that provides users with an enhanced user interface to customize and manage the Composer application.
  • Users are provided new Custom Metadata Types for Composer to ensure compatibility with Salesforce Winter '20 Critical Updates.

Conga Contracts for Salesforce

  • Updated Clause Library
    • The Clause Library tab now includes all clause elements, and the following enhancements:
    • A new Clause Category feature is included, which allows for additional grouping of clauses.
    • An enhanced experience while creating clause bundles.
    • A new HTML editor for clause creation.
    • The ability to compare clause revisions side by side.
    • For more information, see Clause Library for Conga Contracts for Salesforce.
  • New Clause Configurations Feature
    • Clause configurations give you the ability to associate several clauses together so that you can accommodate for different scenarios within your clause library. Going forward, a default clause creation is created for each clause in your Clause Library. For more information, see Clause Configuration Overview.
  • Automated Recursive Merge
    • The automated recursive merge feature for Conga Contracts gives you the ability to write data values back to Managed Clauses on document creation so that you no longer have to do it manually. Fore more information, see Automated Recursive Merge Overview.

Conga Sign

  • The new SMS (Short Message Service) Authentication feature provides an additional layer of security and verification during Conga Sign Transactions. SMS Authentication requires signers to confirm their identity in a Conga Sign Transaction by receiving and entering a one-time code delivered in an SMS message.
  • Conga Sign allows recipients to now complete Conga Sign transactions in Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Greek and Italian, in addition to the initial supported languages. Recipients can select their preferred language in the signing user interface.
  • The Conga Sign application is translated based on the Salesforce user's selected Language in Salesforce Settings. The user interface supports English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Greek, and Italian.
  • Users can now designate multiple In Person Signers in an In Person Signing transaction, allowing for multiple recipients to sign in person on the same transaction. Previously, users could only designate one recipient as an In Person Signer in an In Person Signing transaction.
    Note: This feature is not available in Sandbox and Production orgs until March 3rd, 2020.
  • The Conga Sign user interface for signers is updated to simplify the e-signature process.
    • The button in the initial Conga Sign transaction email sent to a recipient is updated from Begin Signing to View Document to accurately represent that the user is first viewing the document instead of immediately signing.
    • The Agreement action in the signing user interface is updated to display as a footer rather than a pop-up modal.
    • The Select Signature Style option is now displayed when clicking the first Signature or Initial tag instead of displaying on the Agreement pop-up modal.

Conga Grid

  • Create customized charts with ease to graph, depict, and analyze data in every individual Grid.

Conga Orchestrate

  • Conga Orchestrate only deploys required fields on objects set up as Process Objects and Process Steps. This results in a reduced product footprint and provides administrators more control over the deployment of required fields, triggers, and which objects are used with Conga Orchestrate.
  • The Import/Export tool is enhanced to account for all lookup fields in the Capture Object Information section of Process Steps. There is new advanced logic that reconciles record IDs to accurately replace source record IDs with target record IDs. For example, all Managed Clause, Clause, and Clause Bundle records are successfully matched with the appropriate record when imported.

Conga AI Analyze

  • AI Analysis Queue
    • The Conga AI Analysis Queue allows you to upload your documents for processing, save your work, and return later to complete your contract review. For more information, see the Analysis Queue Overview.